“MONSTERS OF IMMINENT MERIT – Paranormal Purgatory Between BEASTS and Their Reprobative Fallen ANGELS…



So much of idyllic lust and love by Spooks (cloak and dagger types), and their intimate Assets are shaped in none conventional psychological and clinical theory──yet, so, very Lord Byron (capricious and unattainable)…. in its brutal application! This peculiar romantic idealism for so many a clandestine affair has been considered very Sigmund Freud in processed thought──yet I beg and to differ. Because, in actuality, I believe that this type of thought process──in reference to their intimate relationships──is more along the lines of Dr. Gustav Jung’s ideas and theories of passion: than that of Dr. Frued.

The gentleman and scholar, of early 20th-century psychoanalysis, was more of a realist than pragmatist: and very Lord Byron and Marquis De Sade (libertine in sexuality) in the darkest corridors of his mind. That said, it’s the libertinism that gives both the strength of inherent perception and unbridled illusiveness to most Spooks, or for lack of better term Spy types. In many cases—love is not the “begin all-end all” for relations of intimacy. Unfortunately, it is a very sobering truth many Spooks and Assets are mentally and emotionally prepared to deal with. Most operatives who attempt, or rather tend to love so unattainably often feel cursed by their own inabilities to reach outward emotionally.

However, on the flip side of this coin──the strength gained from such an acknowledgment is the gift of becoming the quintessential habitual arbiter of intimate emancipation—-freeing of the mind to lust and love with unbridled courage from…yet at a safe distance.

It was during the brutal election of 2008──the election between Barrack Obama and Hilary Clinton──that Lady George (the Asset) and Barrister Richard Monson (the Dark Spook) met. Their encounter, though inadvertent, would be no less impactful: upon both their lives!


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