OPERATION “NIGHT MIXER” – Carnal Maneuvers Of The Soldier Who Lives By The Lake…(Book Blurb & Trailer Re-Launch) For Spring 20/22

The "NIGHT MIXER" was the quintessential connoisseur of sultry and soulful rhythm & blues; carnal sensitivities; and primal instincts. As for the Southern Belles with whom he engaged---the gentleman gave the quarter of his protection, tenderness, and love. Within their lives Mr. "Night Mixer" became that quintessential; unattainable; lifelong torment. Most notably---the experience of the primal know knowledge which once shocked their modesties---were sacredly secured in a place where not even "Seal Team Six" could ever rescue them!

“LATE TO THEIR PARTY” – The Ambivalence Of Repressed Destinies (Abridged Blurb–Sample)

"Mr. Chips" was considered one of Georgia’s most eligible millionaire bachelors: being a no nonsense lover type and all. The southern gentleman was destine to meet the woman who would change and challenge, all, his relationship preconceptions---and old world cliche's of life. However, he would have to fight the good fight to capture her, and put both their ambivalences of commitment; monogamy; and libertinism to bed...for good! Sable-Ann, was the quintessential "it girl", and she knew it. When it came to "Mr. Chips" and love Sable-Ann was not about to play fair----not until she would essentially----"close the deal"....consequences be damned!

MR “COGNITIVE ELITIST” – The 12 Steps To Successfully Dating Above His “Bell Curve” (Abridged Chapter Sample)

PREAMBLE ---- The “Cognitive Elitist”—according to the, very controversial and intriguing, 1994 book titled “the Bell Curve” was quoted and described as a very special and peculiar type—“having higher intelligence levels, and thus better prospects for success in life." This meant more so than the “Average Joe“, of course! Yet, so true of those Elitist … Continue reading MR “COGNITIVE ELITIST” – The 12 Steps To Successfully Dating Above His “Bell Curve” (Abridged Chapter Sample)