LOVE & LEISURE – With Gentlemen of Eminent Merit (Soft Abridged Blurb)

MILITARY & DARK DADDIE ROMANTIC DRAMA & NOVEL NOIR LEVELED-UP! Genres: Military BWWM * Glam Lit * Glitz Fiction * Contemporaey Women's Fiction * Niche' Adult Fiction Suspense Drama * Spicybooks * Steamybooks LOVE & LEISURE - With Men of Eminent Merit (From The Chronicles of Mistress Elle) It has been said, by many a … Continue reading LOVE & LEISURE – With Gentlemen of Eminent Merit (Soft Abridged Blurb)

🔥🇺🇸AUTHOR – J. Z. LUCIANO’S – “IGNITED BONES 2ND EDITION Book Brief II & EXCERPT” (Introducing Your New & Next Book Boyfriends, Ladies)🔥🇺🇸

Amongst the backdrop of a military mission turned total “cluster f^*k”; promises broken; geo-political politics; high-stakes intrigue; airline sky clubs; the Chicago skyline at sunset⸻a powerful saga is resurrected! Three kindred spirits endeavor to find their way in the world, and their roles within each other’s lives. Robert (Bobby) Fitzgerald Glenn - National treasure. Hero. Navy Seal and Airborne Ranger. Officer and Gentleman. Team Commander. Spearheads this intoxicating book noir….

“WHISPERING RIDGE” BOOK III- Late To Their Party Abridged Short (My Book Voyeurs Teaser)

Mr. Brown sat on his back veranda; rocking away, in the mist of the on coming thunderstorm. His mind could not help itself. It clambered its way back to that mystical and enchanted night, with is Sable-Ann. It was the Annual "MINT JULIP SOIREE & Republican Fundraiser of 2013,' at the WHISPERING RIDGE Resort & Plantation. Brown's family and old south owned it. His only fundraising goals on that night was getting his dear Sable-Ann to expose her precious jewels. Unbeknownst to Mr. Brown... Mistress Sable-Ann had precious treasures that not only blew back his hair... BUT HIS