THE NAUGHTY REPUBLICAN VOL I – The Light Colonel From Across The Way

PROLOGUE --- Dr. Carl Gustov Jung---the world renowned psychologist from the early 20th century---said it best to one of his many mistresses, and emotional nemesis. He stated to her that...“ have to do an unforgivable and unthinkable thing----in order to go on living,” so I have heard. Yet, we knew better (the light Colonel and … Continue reading THE NAUGHTY REPUBLICAN VOL I – The Light Colonel From Across The Way

“WHISPERING RIDGE” – The Lost Days Of Enchanted Bliss…

The "Ridge" raised itself off the lake, and that patch of Georgia earth with immodest vanity---that sunny; January; mountain morning! She was bound and determined to hold Brown and Elle captive, until the would be lovers surrendered to their "quiet desperations." It would turn out, quintessentially, to be quite the Pandora's Box! Of course, unwittingly, it would come at quite the cost mentally; physically; and emotionally...but Mr. Brown wanted...wanted jsut what he wnated. Elle, would not be the exception...but the obsession of his, iron clad, willfulness to satify that gaping hole within his spirit. Mr. Brown, being that Maverick, that we all know he can be...would wast no time attempting to give the Lady Elle full quater of his love, lust,desie, and most dangerously...his sacred coven of pleasure! No woman, not even the "Norotorious Mistress Elle, could ever resist that level of lustful bliss...ever!