OUR “ELLE OF THE BALL” – Lust, Love & Mayhem At The 2003 Republican Fundraiser… (Abridged Soft-Edit Edition)

"Elle Of The Ball" notoriously became the "RUNAWAY LOVER OF THE YEAR' that infamous night---amongst all the millionaire/billionaire donors; "pomp & circumstance!" She could run to the ends of the earth----yet it would not have been far enough----because Mr. Segretti Inc would not stop until she was his, and of course....safe and secure.

“COMFORT ZONES” – Rescuing Of Princess Bombshell

Elle gazed into her fireplace like a little lost child...worse...like a motherless child. IT was cold and rainy. But out of the cold came the stranger. He would become her Jimmy Joo (esoteric lingo). And the one gentleman with the intellectual fire power & charm that would shoot magic and magnetism into Ms. Elle's life. Changing it forever.... But Life is Fickle, so to speak. His words were I love you...and will try to fix you!