“LATE TO THEIR PARTY” – The Ambivalence Of Repressed Destinies (Abridged Blurb–Sample)


You All Know What They Say…


Because you never know what you shall find behind those wonderful covers.

If music be the song of love…play on”—-William Shakespeare.

(Mr. Chips Remenisses Quietly With Himself)


Relationships are hard—-most often than not—-they are well fought. Mr. Chips and his Sable Ann would come to find, that nothing could be further from the truth. The two, love neurotics and commitment-phobes wanted to love, but feared it…like the plagues of Egypt! Not only will their ambivalences become the tool of intrigue, but the unmasking of a few untold wants—-which seem to have lain dormant within both lovers for years. That said—-any relationship ideals and challenges became a “tug-of-war for controlling interest—-along with a dynamic dichotomy. However, the litmus test and questions, are will those attributes be enough to prompt each, and the other to finally concede to a committed life of to “forever”…or will the tenacious lovers….simply drop the ball in the end?


A Gentleman Remembers That Intrepid Evening – Night Under The Magnolia Chain’s Sweltering Humidity…

It was something in the way that you moved; swan-like; competent, and swiftly as you descended into the interior of my car as I pulled up—-sort of caught me by surprise! You dropped your little Kate Spade weekend bag on the back seat: and gave me just a quick peck on the lips. “OK, let’s go” was all you said. I was, both, elated and discerned at the sparse greeting—–but I was almost twenty-five minutes late. Moreover, the party was already starting (the Cranston Manor Annual Mint Jubilee and Soiree)—-so I started to back out of the drive without a question, nor further hesitation. It was then that I saw it in the edge of the rear-view mirror – the look you were trying hard not to escape. A mischievous, almost devilish, little grin that was there for a fleeting moment, then gone as you turned to look out the windshield at nothing. “What are you up to?” I thought as we journeyed forward. As those beautiful curly tresses; of burnt and golden auburn; became Aerial: in the wind from my old Mustang convertible. I was assured of one true fact. You—-my dearest—- was no longer a delicious torment….but a well longed for intrepid enchantment—-dammit girl!

As we approached the manor—-where the Soiree was just beginning—-you pointed to the left and said….”Go there quickly, please!” I did exactly what I was told, and started to ask whether you had the directions correct. Suddenly. I saw it again (that sinister smirk)—-just a flash and gone before I could be sure. “Are you sure this is the right way?”…I asked. My sense of direction is normally very good, and this didn’t seem quite the route I remembered, but you were navigating…:so what the hay.” Life, with you in it, is nothing short of an adventure.

The road was deserted, however, the scenery was absolutely majestic! About a mile down the road I was thinking, to myself, were we seriously lost when you said….”This driveway, right here”….as you pointed to the right. It was a dirt path, well-worn and smooth. The driveway went up a small rise and back down, then opened to a field with Magnolia trees that hovered along the road: with branches like long talons.

“Stop.”….was all you said, and I saw that smile, for real this time. I no longer cared where the hell we were on the manor’s estate. Once I saw that smile of utter unscrupulous capriciousness—-“all was right in my world!”

“What the hecky… heck are you up to?”…I asked aloud, but for an answer the only response afforded me was the smile—-becoming ever more mischievous, almost diabolical. You leaned over and gave me a proper kiss this time—-while your tongue began darting on my lips. I started to get into the kiss; when you pulled back and opened the door. “Let’s go big sexy!” (love the way you taunt my ego at times)… was all you said as you grabbed the bag and headed for the grass. I was, of course, at a lost for words for a moment. But I wasn’t about to miss whatever you had in mind. I knew it was gonna be pretty fucking mind-blowing…just because! As I ascended out of the car to follow, you turned your head to make sure I was following: and that smile was back—- accompanied by that bodacious wink of yours. I could feel myself getting a little aroused in my new Armani britches—-and I sure hoped, beyond hope, that I had the right idea. “Shit…girl you are killing me softly!” You said not a word, but I knew to continue to follow your lead….hell I could no longer help myself. This is just how badly I wanted to sink and submerge myself into your dark, yet the deliciously enticing sacred world.

I caught up to you, at the edge of the grass, offering my hand to carry the bag. Instead of handing it over, you took my hand in your free hand, while your right firmly held the gym bag, making it clear that this was yours: and I should just keep my hands off. “OK”, …I thought this might be fun and very interesting….at best. I slid my hand over and playfully pinched you on your derriere, slightly. I tried it again as I attempted to walked closer, but your stride never slowed. I was swelling in my britches with every step, to the point that my jeans were becoming a little uncomfortable. I love that feeling….but it embarrassed me as well. However, you were the only woman in my life who could truly make me blush about it—-so love it!

Suddenly, you stopped and we were under a large red oak tree with a big crown at the edge of the grass—-with some tiger lilies at the base of the tree. The summer sun was getting a bit low and the symphony of insects was the only sound we could hear. As you turned, I grabbed you up in both arms and pressed against you. I restarted that kiss which was aborted in the car. I guess this startled you and the bag dropped to the ground with a soft thud, but we didn’t care at that point. The world started ended at our lips, and playing tongues, bodies pressing to keep every possible surface in contact with each other was of the utmost. I could feel you starting to sensually sway on my leg, and I returned the favor. Astonished by the moment you just afforded me—-I found that your hand was quickly and gently rubbing against my lower loins. The soft strokes were felt through my jeans—-making me more aroused steadier and faster. Something had to give, and I had my own ideas of who, what or whom it would be first!

Breaking the kiss, I spun you around and bit your neck on the side, just hard enough to hold you where I wanted you. In the interim—-I chose to blow soft kisses around your earlobes; nape; and upper center torso. You loved it….they were wet; dewy; and delicious kisses, of course.

All the while my traveling hands found both of your round supple magnificence and began to slowly tease you through your blouse and brazier. “God what a moment!” I, literally, could feel you stop breathing momentarily—-until an excited groan escaped from the depths of your throat. My hands were quickly under your blouse, releasing the front-loading powder blue and black laced brazier. I needed to allow myself the access to caress your bodice from all sides with due care. My huge masculine hand coveted your entire, feminine, contrast before my very eyes! You gave my hands; searching eyes; and wanton heart the greatest quarter any southern gentleman could imagine—-in the quiet of his psyche. By now—-you had recovered and started to press your silhouette into my harden and much-extended extremities. I thought I might spontaneously combust! Now it was my turn to groan and express my pleasure, but not before I released my hold from your beautiful, swan-like, neck. I had a moment to myself to think…” damn this is mental…and over the top erotic!” You never stopped your charge into that truculent pleasure principle….no matter how I chose to handle you Sable-Ann.

You started to sink to your knees—-on the descent I took off your blouse and brazier—-in one single motion. Your loins had begun to respond to my soft kisses and untamed fingers. I watched—-as your supple bosom began to rise and fall in a more nervous, and aroused procession. Your bodice and silhouette became, far more, stiffer in that cooling evening air. My senses escaped me, I could resist you no more….the man in me could do no more! Without another moment’s hesitation, I reached out to caress those perfectly perky; robust; and dark mocha bust of yours—-as they glistened like chocolate diamonds in the sun. The second I cupped them…it was total bliss! The moment, again, was far too fleeting. Being of quick wit, and mischievousness you started turning the tables on me. I watched, helplessly, as you slowly begun that sensual and sexy twisting of your body from its submissive posture—-to an outright aggressive attack mode. “Shit…shit…shit”…I yelled to myself! By this time my eyes were glazed over from both the anticipation and the “Oh…My God….what the fuck of it!”

Suddenly—-those long ruby red nails sank themselves into my flesh like tiger teeth; my already, extended member hardened like a brick. As my flesh grew clammy with perspiration you looked me dead center my eyes: simultaneously you slowly slide your hands into my trousers as low as they could slide….without you completing the deed (shameless torment). You knew I wanted and needed desperately to relieve myself, and to give into the principles of the pleasure that was taunting my modesty. The gentleman in me could not…especially without permission. My passions were mercilessly in your quarter. Again helpless—-my eyes watched you in pure scandalous agony. There it was again…you know…that sensual smirk.

Only this time, as I gazed at you I saw it….the real Sable-Ann….that naked primal animal within you escaping its captivity. It was your turn to be in control, and girl…your ass wasting no time! With a firm grip on me you said simply “Shirt Please”, and I pulled my own shirt off over my head—-as commanded. It was my turn to submit. I could have given to shits less…I hadn’t experienced that type of primalism and ecstasy, and on that level ever: for a very long time! Call it whatever you like, because you had me—-and I was all in!

The fire and passions of those moments fled—-leaving us both naked from the waist up. While keeping your grip with one hand; you stood upright for another embrace; this time skin on skin that felt simply delicious: as our bodies appeared to melt into the other. Then another tender kiss, with neither of us in a hurry to break the moment. Your hands slid along the hairs on my chest, so gently and slowly. “Mr. Chips….goddammit”….you said with the face of an innocent child. “Bbbbooooyyyy”….was all, you Ms. Sable-Ann could muster. Your fingers clawed my hairs and chest madly, and then savagely. It was clear to me, at that very moment, you were fighting against your own emotional and sensual ambivalence. It was their dead center your eyes, yet again. Never witnessed a woman’s own sensuality challenged in such a manner. Before long you were clenching my body as your kisses landed everywhere on my face and lips. “Ohhhhhhh….boy….what on earth is coming next—-out of Pandora’s box”…I asked quickly to myself? I knew, beyond any doubt, the southern gentleman in me…just had to know.

You wasted no time re-engaging us to that place we were moments before. I felt your hands move from my chest down to the top button of my trousers—-with vigorous effort! As the waist loosen, and the zipper was pulled slowly downplaying peek-a-boo—-a soft sigh escaped my lips. The sweltering heat of the evening; and majestic setting of the sun; all seem to streamline themselves with our moment of bliss. “Oh god, your hands and silhouette felt so good to me, Sugar!” So warm and wonderful as you slowly reacquainted yourself with my extended member. Bliss…is no longer the word…to describe the absolute freedom and sensuality I felt inside my body and psyche.

As you gently caressed my inner thighs with your nails —–you slowly pulled the zipper down the rest of the way: and started to pull my trousers and jockey completely off and away from my body. This started to get me off balance as the pants bound around my ankles, and I started to sink to the ground (you loved the sense of control). Your hands, finally, released me, and I caught my balance by grasping ahold of you—‘to steady myself. It was too perfect! With my nose winding up at your navel. I had to do it, as I looked up into the face of my angel, and my naughty sphinx you spoke softly and sternly. “Careful there Mr. Goodbar…you bout to land in the zone….and the LZ (Landing Zone) is hot!” That mixture of human pheromones with your spellbinding perfume (Killians A Taste Of Heaven) set me off the rest of the way—-like roman candles on the 4th of July! I could smell how excited you were, and that drove me stark raving insane with desire for you! I had both arms wrapped around your hips and on your derriere. Pressing and nuzzling my nose and tongue into your belly, eliciting more groans from you…I must admit…it was empowering. As I worked on the skin in front of me, my hands slid to grab your smooth warm and curvy thighs. “What did you have in mind with that?!” I asked, right before I ran my nose right up to your already wet navel and dewy silhouette, with all the force I could muster! I wanted it to be your turn to be shocked; amazed, and then stunned into submission. Shit—- it couldn’t be helped. I was pulled through the proverbial needle by all that primal excitement…and sheer ecstasy.

I laid your skirt down—-all the way across those sexy ankles of yours. You looked on, curiously, as I helped you step away from it: along with your “come take me now” strappy sandals. “Girl I see you blushing…just a tad”…I recanted as I mocked you, at the same time! Obviously, you were becoming well aware of just how, egregiously, libertine we had become. However, realizing how much I was leaving your gloriously naked silhouette in the last light of the evening (your robust silhouette coruscated in the evening sun) it was time for us to pick up the pace…just a bit.

That said—-you stretched your arms above your head on queue—-raising those round; supple; perky; breasts so that I just had to reach up and caress them again. “Hey! No Fair” you cried as I turned my attention back to your wonderful torso. “You still got clothes on and I’m naked in the field!” I looked around and up and down my body—–all that was left were my socks. “Not a problem Ms. Sable-Ann”…I resounded in the deepest sexiest southern drawl—-that I could possibly pull from my inner self. Lord…it worked like a charm. As the last of our clothes were tossed into the grass, you turned your gaze to my middle abs and lower extremities—-which was already standing and giving its fullest attention & salute to you. I closed my eyes just waiting for the first wonderful feeling of a warm tongue and soft lips to land themselves on my, perspiration drench body, which surged to its hardest stiffness—-just at my thoughts. “DAMMIT…what a fucking woman!

But instead, the moment was short-lived, as I heard a zipper being pulled, and I opened my eyes to see you pulling out a quilt from the bag. I went to help, and you waved me away until the blanket was out, and you zipped it back up. I understood. The contents of the bag will be revealed in your own good time. So, we spread out the quilt on the softest grass we could find, and we both laid ourselves down into the canal bliss of nature, and our primal inhibitions. There we were, both, completely naked, and exposed to the evening air, and our out of control carnivorousness for each other. I was there for the duration….tardiness to that Soiree be damned…I needed you! Time and fate were on our side, and we were about to drink of each other’ purest nectar of the Gods. You didn’t realize it….but you had all of me, and I could have given two shits less…because I had you too, Suga! Winking.;-)


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