The Book Series That Started A Romance Noire’ Evolution

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Bart’s stare was so piercing that she (Stella-Ann) began to quake a little. “What is happening later that I’ll pay for, by taking my time getting here?” she asked him eventually. There, she had placed the ball back, squarely, in his court.

Master Bart (yessss…Master) looked at her and said nothing; as the gentleman within him; slowly took her hand; gave it a tight squeeze, and gentle stroke (assurance he was now in charge). That was his sign to her…that it was, now, on in the Manor at Miramonte—Master Bart’s libidinous utopia!

There it was again, that esoteric; unspoken; clairvoyant language; he and she shared, most sensually. Time after time, it allowed only a few words and gestures to speak volumes, between the two pleasure-seekers and libertines.

Bart looked at his Stella-Ann and smiled. “Have a drink, girl, you’re going to need it,” he told her calmly.

Stella tried to play it cool, but inside she was terribly frightened of this unknown adventure, that anxiously awaited her. The vixen in her thoughts was traveling at 100mph! Deep down, where others couldn’t see it, she loved it. His take-charge attitude was a real turn on for her. It was a welcome change to be challenged, in such an impertinent and imprudent manner.

Stella found herself smiling coyly; while that old familiar warmth; crept slowly into her “agent provocateur” satin and lace lingerie. Most of Master Bart’s pleasure conquests would have shaken in their stilettos, at the notion. Not Stella-Ann. Like “Maggie the Cat” (from Cat On A Hot Tin Roof), she would allow her curiosity to get the better of her, as well as, her determination to stand on that hot roof, for as long as she could!

Bart poured a little more V.O. into a glass for her and shook the ice, just to hear it jingle( total teaser). He was taunting his woman and he was enjoying it.“Let’s go sit and talk on the patio,” she suggested softly. “Come on,” she said, grabbing his wrist and attempting to head toward the outer doors, but Bart stopped her dead in her tracks.

“Did I say I wanted to go back out into that heat?” he asked quietly. That boy’s eyes were glaring! She looked at him and began to laugh. “No,” she answered mockingly, “but you are going to go out here with me. If I remember correctly…I didn’t make a requisition for your permission…I want to watch the sun cast its heated rays above us. There’s just something about it I like.” There’s that broad-shouldered broad, within her…love it!

The ball was in her corner; she was asserting her power, of control. Needless to say, he went along with her…for the moment. She wasn’t fooled in the least; she was simply plotting to buy herself some much-needed time. Alas, time would prove not to be on her side, this day.

By the time they walked over to the patio; seated themselves comfortably; the two love titans could feel that sweltering heat, from the sun. Not even Stella could bear it.

The weather, ironically, foreshadowed the primal escapades that were to come. Despite the oppressive heat, neither suggested that they go indoors, at first. They were so stubborn that they sat out in that heat intoxicated, by the daydreaming and wondering of how this weekend would unfold. As the couple sat and talked about inconsequential things. Fun…but to no fucking avail!

Bart finally made the first move. Still heady from the drinks and the sweltering, sultry, summer air, he pulled Stella from the patio table, as he led her back inside. She followed, of course, directly behind him n hot pursuit, of his leadership position. Not completely comfortable with the idea, mentally. Yet she went along…to get along.

Once inside, he slammed the doors, that led into the dining area, from the patio. The table was cluttered with all sorts of bullshit! The dog’s treats, Melissa Bess books, and cereal boxes. In one brisk move, Bart swept everything to the floor. All the while, the gentleman never let go of Stella’s wrist. She was going nowhere. Sable-Ann was now his prisoner, with no hope of escaping his will, so to speak.

“Lay back”, he told her, gesturing toward the table. What the fuck dude?
“Are you fucking nuts?” Stella inquires with incredulity, in a voice that covered up her fear. Not the perilous kinda fear, but with a petulant carnal one.

The Master looked at her dangerously and said…“Do not let me have to do it for you.” Wwwhhhoooaaa?

The shaken beauty could tell by the look of steel in his eyes: that he was so very serious! Still, she defied him. That was that “Iraqi Veteran” within her. It was fucking defiant, as hell!

“I will do no such thing, until you tell me why,” she shrieked, being somewhat close to hysteria. Her heart raced with intrigue and pure lust. She wanted to know what he had on that decadent mind of his? Passage…Battle Buddy #1 (nickname for Stella)…into a whole new world of carnal habitation, erotic carnage!

Rest assured, her curiosities were put to rest, swiftly! Bart took his right hand and placed it around her throat, and pushed her backward onto the table. That damn girl’s heart pounded, the likes of a runaway freight train. She felt both lost and primal, at the same time. Her eyes blazed with an ardent type of sensual credulity and hedonistic bewilderment. Also, she realized just how much she underestimated the depth of Bart’s reprobative exploration and experience. Stand easy girl…you are about to find out.

Bart paused, as he stood over her, scaling her exposed vulnerabilities. In his minds eyes and psyche… she was electrifying! The dominant within no longer laid dormant. He was awake, and asserted his desire for total control.

“I told you once to never defy me. I will always have my own way…especially in my own home. How dare you try to challenge me on my own turf!” he whispered to her in raspy; stern; taunting, yet sensual tone.

Stella-Ann tried to wiggle her way from under his grip, but to no avail; he had her in a chokehold that would not quit. “Dammit!” she cried, uselessly trying to twist away from him, “I…I can’t breathe!” Now she was truly frightened; not of him, but of how much his ploy for control of her was turning her on. Where was he planning to take her on this dark journey? Better yet, why was the better question?

Bart suddenly became animalistic… raging out of control! He scratched at her neck and then began to claw at her body with this strange, yet fierce intensity. Stella began to kick and scream loudly as he held her down, but there was no one around to rescue her. Not from this act of erotic treason, in her psyche’.

As she continued to struggle against his sexual insolence Bart pulled her skirt down to her knees, and she felt desire fill her secret garden with all kinds of unexpected moisture. She knew then…she was in deep trouble. Not for safety sake…but for sensual depravity’s sake.

“What are you doing, Bart? Bart!” she screamed, but he didn’t respond to her with words. He finally let go of her neck and begin to press both of her arms down on her chest, still denying her the freedom of movement. Ballsy and brazen aa move of Bart!

Stella-Ann was in the one place far too unfamiliar for her—in a gentleman’s full charge. And with no fucking way out. Deep down in that dark corridor of her psyche’…she loved it! Its headiness was far too compelling and outrageously engaging primally.

Master Bart would, purposely, shake her periodically, trying to make her hold still, but she continued to fight against him. She knew that it was useless, but she refused to go down without giving him some sort of a challenge. She couldn’t resist this thing that was going on between them; it was so primal; it employed her to stop resisting, and it was so decadent. By this time, that woman’s soul was on fire. It began to burn and rage against any ambivalence from her. Her dark place beckoned Stella to surrender.

Finally, Mr. Bart managed to get her skirt off and paused to admire her beautiful black and pink lingerie (Agent Provocateur, of course). The Dominant and gentleman, within him, looked at her ravenously. He smiled, with a look of calmness and peace on his face. Stella-Ann begins to breathe a sigh of relief, thinking that he’d finally come to that place where his passion had leveled off. “Girl…you are kidding… right?”

Unfortunately, her sigh was a tad bit premature. That mad man and a primal animal had only paused to catch his breath, and to admire the beautiful woman that he now loved and lusted, with all the passion that was within him. He had to have her, but he would have to have her his way…or no way at all!

This is where his lust took over completely and went further towards the sensually darker side. Without a word, he took both of his hands and ripped her Brazilian cut panties clean off her body! Master Bart was, now, half baked from desire and carnal depravity!

From the shock and awe if it, Stella began kicking and screaming at him! But this thing that had been set into motion was nowhere near a cease-and-desist, it was a complete siege.

Bart was compelling her to surrender her body to his masterful command, knowing that by instinct, her will would follow shortly behind. He knew that she would fight him every step of the way, fueling his desire for her all the more. He knew that she would always fight him…always!

Suddenly, he looked at her as the two lovers tussled. The salivating dominant pulled her body to the end of the table. Stella caught off guard, stilled her fighting for a moment, intrigued. The gentleman watched as his captives bosom rose and fell in rapid procession. He loved the hell out of it. Deep down in a place that woman never wanted to, willfully, expose…she was fucking loving it too! Well…damn!



Bart placed the palm of his hand flat on the center of her stomach; then sat down at the end of the table, as if he were about to dine formally. Then the unthinkable happened! Without pausing, he placed his head deep within the center of her perspiration dripped thighs. Mr. Bart then commenced a barrage of tongue lashings, on her already aroused external feminine member. Stella went ballistic. Literally.

The sensation was far more intense than anything that she had ever experienced, with him or any other man she’d ever been with intimately. As she lay there on that table, she struggled (arms flung all over the table), with all the power within her not to go under and succumb to the pleasure that was being heaped upon her. Again, to no avail.

The bliss that she endured on that table sent shock waves through her entire body. I tell you, that woman was completely lost. She was lost in the pleasure and lust of the moment and, truth be told, love as well.

This combination was a mix that was close to lethal, both emotionally and carnally. I’m sure that she had hopes that Bart would release her from this sensual purgatory after a few minutes of being there between her legs, in such a wild fiery rage. Unfortunately, that wasn’t going to happen any time soon. He was there, and would be for a long, long time. Bart was in his intimately sensual, carnal, primal, and domineering element. Nothing, short of the devil himself, was going to rob him of this dark omnipotent hedonistic bliss! His Stella was now his for taking, and that boy was gonna have his way with her…come hell or high water.

Her screams of pleasure lasted for a good twenty minutes, but I’m sure that she thought it was an eternity. Once his appetite had been satisfied, he allowed his lover to come up for air. As she rose, she looked like a wild beast, that had been beaten during a fight for survival. In this case…erotic survival.

“Please,” she panted, “You’ve got to release me…I cannot take any more of this!” Her body limped like a wounded animal. Stella-Ann’s lower extremities were trembling and quivering like mad.

Bart looked at her and smirked, then pulled her close to his chest. “You are mine, are we clear on that?” he told her in no uncertain terms.

“I can’t help it, Stella! Dammit, girl, you bring this out of me.”Stella felt him shudder, as the two lovers embraced. She looked him in the eye as she gingerly tried to stand, wincing at the pleasurable soreness.

“God, you tried to eat me alive, didn’t you?” she asked him. There was a moment of silent glances, and then they kissed lingeringly.… Bart placed her hand in his and they began a slow procession toward the Master Suite. I can tell you that Stella’s heart rate increased a notch or two with each step she took. She followed slowly behind this man that had begun to steal her willpower slowly and methodically. By the night’s end, he would have left no stone unturned and she would be his completely. He had planned a seduction so complete and libidinous,00 that she would in no way be able to deny him.

The two stopped at the top of the staircase. Bart turned to Stella and asked her to reach into his left pocket. She started to do as he requested, curiosity running away with her thoughts. As she went toward his pocket, he told her, “I want you to pull the surprise completely out of my pocket with your eyes closed.”
Stella frowned after he made that statement, but she continued on with a little steam under her.

Smirking a little, she said, “Okay, tell me, what’s behind door number one?”
Bart, also smirking decadently, replied, “Don’t hurry Stella…just take your time.” He knew that by saying this, he was egging her on, as thoughts of what was in his pocket were getting the better of her. She tried to play as though she wanted to toy around with his chest, but he knew that the suspense was killing her. He smiled, knowing that she couldn’t stand not knowing what was in that pocket, nor could she stand taking her time any longer.

S he quickly reached into his pocket and began to slowly pull the item out of it. “OH MY GOD,” she screamed. “Is it…is it…really real? Are these really sapphires and diamonds?”
Bart chuckled as he pressed his hands against her chest. “What the fuck type of question is that?” he demanded playfully. “Of course, they’re real. Baby, I had this collar created especially for you by the jewelers at Harry Winston.” Bart then led Stella to a chair by the entrance of the suite and had her sit down. “Take a moment to collect yourself…you don’t want your wits to get away from you,” he told her, raising his eyebrows devilishly.

Stella smiled coyly. “There you go again, Bart, teasing me,” she said seductively.He pulled her head back, then leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips. “I never tease about Harry Winston,” he whispered into her mouth. He straightened up and took the collar from her hands.

“Well,” he smiled. “I guess the time has come for you to put this on.”He gently placed his hands around her neck, caressing her nape with a knowing touch. He then put that magnificent piece of artistry around her neck and she was resplendent. An ebony beauty whose magnificence was accentuated with a pave diamond collar with inlaid blue sapphires. Bart could only stand there and marvel at the beauty of Stella and the sparkle of joy in her eyes. Pleased with her response to the jewels, he told her, “Oh…there’s another surprise on the bed for you.” With the anticipation Of a hold at Christmas Stella became too excited. She looked up at him and slowly began to rise to her feet, feeling rather overwhelmed at the events of the afternoon thus far.
Bart pushed open the doors of the suite as if he were the host of “The Price Is Right” or “The Wheel of Fortune”. It was a presentation right off of a Hollywood screen.

Stella looked through the doors, noticing that it was dimly lit with rose petals all over the floor, the bed, and even the master bathroom. She looked at the bed and noticed a long chain glittering like a piece of jewelry.

“OH SHIT! YOU DID NOT DO THAT! IS THAT A FUCKING LEASH?” she yelled, smiling and jumping up and down.

“Bart, Bart, Bart…you are fucking out of control! What the fuck did you do that for?”

The leash on the bed was at least six feet long, made of platinum links with diamonds and inlaid with sparkling blue sapphires: the perfect companion to the collar that Stella now wore. She stood over the bed and admired the chain before she picked it up. Bart, watching her reaction and smiling that self-satisfied smile, told her, “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that bling!”

Simultaneously, they both laughed out loud. Stella’s hands were trembling so badly, from all the excitement that, Bart had to clip the jewelry onto her collar for her. He turned her so that she could face the mirror, and see her reflection. As she admired herself, Bart placed one hand on her shoulder as the other one fingered the length of the leash.

“Baby girl, this collar is yours. But know that this piece comes with a few rules and attachments. If you choose to wear it in public, that’s up to you, but the leash stays here with me…its Master.”

Stella nodded her head in agreement, and then shook it from side to side, standing there in disbelief. Little did she know that things were just getting sensually darker, and brazen.

“Hey,” he called to get her attention, “I want you to take a swim in my pool; you know… the one in the bathroom.”

HMMM! I wonder what he was up to this time. “Well,” Stella drawled slowly, “I guess I could always use a swim.”

Bart politely kissed her on the cheek, and then he yanked on the leash as hard as he could, causing her to stumble. He looked at his sensual captive, smiling from ear to ear and said… “Just checking the chains for strength.” Stella, though starry-eyed, was more amused than moved by this gesture. However, his eyes and tone sent ripples of discernment all over her body. She watched her new Master with eyes of sensitive scrutiny, a well as, lust!

The, hell bent gentleman, then let go of the leash, the clinking of the platinum chain hitting the floor teasing the two lovers with promises of things to come.“I’ve taken the liberty of running your water for you,” he told her smoothly. “There’s also something else waiting for you by the tub.”OKAY….


This video doesn’t exist

Stella-Ann and Master Bart May Have Heard An Angel…But I Believe That May Have Been The Incubus…So To Speak! Nonetheless…I believe Lord Byron Said It Best…. “LOVE WILL CHART A PATH…WHERE NOT EVEN WOLVES WOULD DARE TO PREY!”


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