Highly acclaimed, as an up and coming powerful multi-genre (GlamLit; ChickLit; Military Romance; Romantic Drama & Suspense, Film Noire’) author, with an early 20th century Harlem renaissance and liberal enlightenment era France dynamic persona!

Hailing, from the southeastern corridor of the United States (Georgia, Florida & South Carolina), Ms. Luciano’s writer’s pen is steeped in southern traditionalisms, with strong bold characters: which grasp the minds of her readers & reviewers imaginations. Along with captivating their hearts, convictions, and consciousness. All the compellingly great attributes of a well balanced and skilled author.

Having, both, lived abroad as an army brat, and communications instructor for the United States military; her eyes have witnessed and viewed the world via a vary “spot-on” and “hands-on” prospective, amazing. Powerful tools for any self- proclaimed renaissance author! These experiences shaped and solidified Ms. Luciano’s ideologies and philosophies of life. Hence creating her cognitive “matter of fact” writing style.

In addition, the authors profound claims of being a lifelong incurable romantic and adventurer, has only served to sharpen and level-up Ms. Luciano’s ability to narrate storylines, with great attention to detail. As well as presenting readers with plot-twists that have very edgy and powerful sliding dichotomies. Essentially, grasping viewers by their modesties. Her fingers are definitely on the literary pulse.

That said, the “edge-of-your-seat” storylines and powerful character arcs are delivered on demand, for readers, reviewers, and critics. As Ms. Luciano iterates to her fans, friends, and family. While reading any of her novels or novellas….”hold on to your britches!” Because they are in for one thrill ride of a reading journey.


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