FromLOVE & LEISURE with Men of Eminent Merit…


The Film Noir Within a Book By: J.Z. Luciano

Copyright © 2022 by J.Z. Luciano
Published by J.Z. Luciano, United States of America

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This is a work of fiction.

Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

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Mr. Barefoot executive was drawn in by Joanna’s (Elle to the rest of us who really knew her); wonderfully warm smile; magnetic almond shaped auburn brown eyes, and uncanny stunning natural beauty. In Stephan’s eyes this woman’s face and profile literally jumped off the page and tugged at his primitively carnal curiosity. Without a moment’s hesitation, Mr. Chapin’s fingers were at work again—along with destiny and fate coaxing him along.

His response to Ms. Swan was short, but quite to the point. Of course, from his Pentagon level secured home office PC. He could talk to the world, from that damn thing. With the firewall from hell. Nothing was gonna stop the high-strung exec, from talkin to Elle… nothing! His retort and response to her went a little something like this….

“Tell me—-My Political Debutante, what’s with the name for such a beautiful and sexy woman? More importantly what brings you to this site?

Smiling devilishly, he went on with his inquiries. However, under the surface Stephan began to quake a bit with nervousness. Still—it was not enough of a deterrent to keep him from advancing his romantic agenda. He was far too curious to stop there. So, he carried on with his inquiries.

“I am very intrigued by you and your profile, but I have gotta ask you one question. Are you a Democrat or Republican? Please answer this question carefully wink…. wink…wink! The reason I asked is because I am looking forward to this dynamic politically charged dialogue with you! Please holla back…as my children would say LOL” …

Let it be known that all the while Stephan was smiling like a Cheshire cat, at his PC. He knew deep down within his gut that this woman would not only be his answer, but his intellectual and sensual salvation. Then true to executive fashion, the excited exec proofread his email. Without procrastination any longer, he pressed the send on his PC. One of the most powerful acts potential cyber lovers could ever initiate!

Later that day Ms. Swan opened her email to check its inbox. Low and behold—there it was—-an email alert from the Ashton House email query. She wasted not another second signing into her private email box, on the site. With a double click of her mouse, she was “all in”, literally. Ms. Political Debutante read Mr. Chapin the third’s email with utter amazement and delight. The intrigue was now on! Ms. Debutante’ took a few moments to gather herself, and then began to write her response.

“Well—-even though you are younger… I’ll respond to your email. Besides how can I resist such a handsome and sincere gentleman! OMG…you are very good looking and sweet; I would be remiss if I didn’t iterate this to you upfront! Smile” …

“So—Mr. I’ve got it all, and in all the right places… I am a combination of Democrat and Moderate, who voted wholeheartedly for Barrack Obama! Smile…let me guess, you are a bit time Republican, who had no choice but to vote for John McCain! Darling, it’s okay I will not hold it against you, smile with those beautiful baby blues! I am holding out hope for you yet! However, I am sitting here laughing hard at you!”

There it was the intellectual and sensual “swinging of the gauntlet”. No doubt these two potential lovers were both at the top of their political and intellectual sparring game. The coy and clever political advocate pressed the send button, and waited ever so patiently for his response, which by the way, only took a day, and a half. Though she’d hope for a more immediate response, Ms. Political Debutante’ was not un-easy about the length of time it took Stephan to email her back.

In cyber time this response still came rather expeditiously.
On the one hand, she often allowed would be admirers to simmer for three to five days, but for some reason The savvy Debutante’ felt the need to respond as fast, as she possibly could. In addition, Mr. Chapin was not the only curious one, in this circle of star-crossed pleasure seekers. Ms. Swan really wanted to know what was going on in his mind and where this unscrupulous journey would finally end. So, she opened and read his email, in hopes of giving him a speedy response. Joana knew exactly what she was doing subconsciously. The starry-eyed beauty was establishing a pace commensurate speed with the political and power thirsty exec. Plus, the intrigue of it all was undeniable. Can you say… cougar on the stump? You gotta love that woman!!!!

Suddenly the alert signaled on her computer—she received another email from Stephan. Instantly a huge smile ran across her face, as fate softly tickled her fancy. Of course, amongst other things. This time she responded even faster. Causing pellets of perspiration to spring up onto her upper lip and decollate’.

As a cat like smirk emerged upon her face. Undoubtedly, poised and ready to answer Stephan’s original email. Attempting to play catch up. Because the gentleman’s emails were coming in fast and hot, the likes of a military bomber or fighter jet!

“Okay, since we’ve gotten all the other crap out of the way, let’s get on with the business at hand, you and me! Tell me, what are you looking for from me darling? What are your intentions, concerning our mutual interest? What is our true mutual interest, and do not be shy? Most of all, please don’t sugar coat it!”
“But first, allow me to re-introduce myself: my name is Joanna Lichele Germain (all French…lol), and it’s my esteemed pleasure to introduce myself to you! Smile—the ball is now in your court! You may email me at my private address. It is as follows: JoannaLGermain@thegermainindustrygroupcom. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Have a great day, your sincere and savvy Political Debutante.”

Joanna paused for a few seconds, taking in a few breaths before forwarding her email. She knew this one, truly, could very well be it. This email response would be the catalyst that could fan the fuel on the fire, which was slowly beginning to burn wildly from the word “go”!

Ms. Political Debutante’ (Joanna of course) forcefully pushed herself away from her desk, in her home office. Suddenly, it was her turn to smile with a devilish smirk. Without another second spared, she rushed out of the office, and into her bedroom where her husband slept ever so soundly. There he lay, peaceful and in a deep sleep. Joanna leaned over him and gave him a soft kiss. It was riddled with a strange type of emptiness she had not felt in a very long time. This undoubtedly was an ominous sign.

Her husband lay there, still, as if he were in a trance by her kiss, and unable to awake from the deepness of his sleep. This man was so oblivious. In a sense, so was Joanna. She could not wait to get Stephan’s response. Within twenty-eight minutes, or so, an email alert resounded from her phone. She ran over to check her “Crackberry” phone. Email alert icons and her phone’s automated voice resounded. Slam…went the phone onto the bed’s nightstand, it was not enough to wake her husband, but he rolled over and went back into his deep sleep—yet again.

Joanna paused a few seconds only because she could bear no more of that type of elevated excitement. As if she were a young schoolgirl awaiting calls for a prom date. Stephan’s emails were becoming just that exciting. Ms. Cougar in the making (too funny) raced back into her office with quickness. In two seconds, she was in her private emails. Seriously, just one click of a button, and she was there. Sure enough, Joanna had an email from the handsome stranger from the Ashton House. An online virtual BDSM chatroom, for novice not sure what it’s all about.

Which is pretty hilarious considering the fact that both Stephan and Joanna were baby-boomers. They knew, alright. But for whatever reason this time he used his private office email address to respond to her. Stephan had some Hella firewalls and software installed on that fiery hot PC, of his. Goodness!

The impatient beauty took on a different personality at that PC, this morning. Smiling, she took a few deep breaths and opened the email to read it.

At first, she held her hand over her mouth and then moved it to her heart. As the last bit of retained air slowly escaped her lungs. She was gathering the strength to control her overwhelming curiosity and fire-ladened inner thighs.

Either way, Ms. Politics, and wannabe BDSM mistress had to read that email. Her female intuition baited and beckoned her senses. She slowly began to read the words from the gentleman who would soon, be a stranger to her no more. And I mean his political and future potential lover read it very carefully.

“Hello, beautiful Lady! I’m Stephan Chapin III (Norwegian and French in origin) I am the lead National Sales VP Executive for my firm and a proud card-carrying Republican since my days at Brown and Georgia Town universities! Thought you would like that Tier one education thing, beautiful eyes. (Total eyebrow-raising statement.)

Smile—I hope you won’t let that interfere with the two of us getting to know one another, up close and personal”. I am from Minnesota, but travel all over the country and world, monthly.

Our secondary headquarters resides in your home city of Atlanta. Also, where my father’s side of the family modest estate (which I run and reside at, as well). I believe you know it as St. John’s Creek. You can’t miss it. It’s kinda over-the-top- Vichy elegant. Hmmm.

Don’t you just love and adore fate? Winking. Yass… I am playing to you and your Georgia suburban ego and vanity. Whatever advantage it takes. Cause girlfriend… I gotta have and get to know you! Can’t explain it. Just a feelin’ I got, Hun.

I’d really enjoy the opportunity to get to know you both intellectually and primally. What gentleman wouldn’t? Please, forgive my imprudence. But I’ve never been a man or gentleman who mixed his words. It’s all or nothing! Besides… I have a feeling you are well worth the risk, beauty. Winking.

To move the needle further and faster, I’m paving the way for you to have full and direct access to me. Ms. Joanna… And, by the way, I love that name! You are so fucking sexy, beautiful, and goddamn smart! I really love and adore that as well. Here’s my number #555-731-2121.

Feel free to call me anytime during the day, but as you know never at nighttime. I really hope you make that call. I am holding out for you the best of everything—Ms. Black Girl Magic Beauty!

Gotta feeling, girlfriend, you are gonna be sssooo…worth it. Wow! What a leap of fate, and Alpha-male self-confidence. What cougar you know will resist that? Not many. Gotta taunt you, at the same time. You appear to love a good sparring round.

Immediately, Joanna’s face became flushed, and red. “Oh my God”, she thought to herself. “What the hell do I do now”? She wrote the number on a pad with an invisible pencil and logged off her PC. Still reeling and dazed, of course, from Steven’s cordial and speedy response.

Inside, Joanna was thrilled, and tickled pink. She instantly hopped from her computer and slowly walked into her bedroom. The Swan sat on the side of the bed, contemplation scurried immediately across her face deep and swiftly.

Her mind began to thing all sorts of wild and crazy thoughts, but still Joanna remained focused. She beckoned her nerves to calm themselves, and before long they were just that—-calm again.

The now excited and prospective Mistress slipped herself softly into a bed of bubbles in her Jacuzzi bath. The smile on her face, however, turned from sinister to this childish innocence. The woman wasted not a second bathing and getting dressed.

Before, long she had on her full face, business attire, and went out that front door with the wind behind her. Yet, careful not to wake her sleeping spouse. “God if he only knew”! Poor devil, he was so unaware of his wife’s mischief.

Without any hesitation the soon to be cougar, and her black signature series hard-top Lexus sporty sedan were on the road, wheels squalling and all.

True to form, Joanna pulled into Starbucks and ordered a double shot in the dark…laughing to herself…because she knew the dark truth hidden deep within her psyche’. Her instincts knew this would be the one—-the potential lover that would bring her out of this erotic slump—that is.

While she waited for her cup of “Morning Joe”, she phoned Stephen. It only took two rings. “Is this my handsome and sexy Republican from Minnesota”? There was a two-second pause, as a grin appeared on the blushing execs face. Shortly after, a loud and boisterous—yet inviting laughter—-crept through the phone’s receiver.

“It is my lady…. Guilty as charged”. “And who might this be”? “And answer carefully girl”! Stephen recanted joyfully. “I gotta know if this is my girl”!

“Hell nah—no you didn’t”! Joanna stated as she picked up her coffee from the order window. So excited, she nearly spilled the hot cup of Joe into her lap. “This is the sultry Dem who’s gonna bring you over to the darker side—literally!

I think you know, going forward, that I will make every attempt to convert you to the left side. Gotta bring you back, from the dark side.” She scoffed, slightly.

Only as she carried on with her retort, of sorts. “I will make it my first order of business—believe dat!” Joanna chuckled coyly while sipping slowly on her cup of Joe.” Stephan laughed and chuckled in manner he hadn’t in a very long time. “Well, thank you little darling…for calling me! I was afraid might get cold feet.

But, I held out hope that you would do the right thing, and make the call baby! God…you are so hot, and you that girl”!

Another few seconds elapsed, as Joanna scrambled to keep herself pulled together— there was never any doubt that she would have a retort of some kind for Steven. “Hah” —Joanna responded. “Fat chance baby; you know as well as I do you set up this entire scenario, where I couldn’t resist you…not in a million”!

Quickly three sharp tapping sounds resonated through the receiving end of Steven’s cell phone. “You hear that handsome—that’s the sound of you getting three spanks from me”! Immediately, his left brow raised itself, and he felt a little tingling sensation inside the center of his Brooks Brothers slacks.

“Oh—baby girl—that would be met without any type of resistance on my end”! The excited executive remarked with mischievousness in his voice.
Without defiance of any kind, he allowed his masculine member to harden a little.

“Damn”…the excited wouldn’t be lover, thought to himself. “What the hell is up with this shit”! Before he knew it his member was seriously rocking ass hard. But Steven is a cool customer— not once did he let on about his arousal. However, his voice almost gave him away—it becoming deeper and sultry by the second.

Before the man could utter another word Joanna interrupted his train of thought—-on purpose—of course.

“Listen…tell me what it is that you so desperately seek from me? You are this chic and great-looking guy, sweet, successful, intelligent, crafty, and very sexy! Why have you come hunting for me—answer me, baby— do not search your thoughts for the right answer—just answer the question with whatever enters your mind first”!

“Steven—Please respond seriously…or leave the questions the fuck alone. I am very curious about this…how you respond to my questions that is”! A sharp sigh released itself from her lips, and traveled directly through the cells receiver. It was as if a shockwave suddenly short circuit itself.

Instantly, Steven realized he hat to come clean with this one (Joanna that is). You see all the other women Steven had approached and interacted with via Ashley Madison had no realness to them. Joanna, on the other hand, had this alluring something about her quality— which was accompanied by this soft, yet commanding voice. The nervous executive scrambled for a few seconds in an effort to find a delicate way to express his dilemma and disposition.

“Look…and thank you for the accolades. I am not a man on this site looking to change my situation in life…I don’t k

now what I need, but you were too hard to resist…maybe…just maybe…you can help me find what ever it is I am now seeking in my life. I will you this little lady…I don’t fuckin know…something is jus missing from y perceiving perfect life”! Steven sighed strongly, and spoke again. “Well—what is your story”?

The Swan wasn’t about to let him off that easily, you gotta love that Joanna. “Oh no sweet thing…we’re talking about you, at the moment. We’ll get to my LOI (letter of intent) later. Joanna blew out a few groans sarcastically—with a very serious undertone in her voice. “Come on baby…give up the goods!

What’s really going on with you…in the vast that vast and deep psyche of yours…Mr. Man of the republic”! She could not help laughing out loud at Steven—trust me—he did not mind one bit!

“Please…I need this information to establish a real connection with you. I can’t do it if we bullshit with each other. Tell you what…I’ll go ahead and get this party started right. Shit, I have no problem showing ya what the hell I am workin with”! The bewildered executive was thrown by her attitude and response, but found himself surprisingly turned on by it, as well.

Steven immediately pulled his car over to the side shoulder and turned on his hazard lights. As he slowly relaxed his upper torso, the aroused exec sank into the padding of the driver’s seat. He looked off into oblivion with this far-and-away glance—yet you could tell this man was poised to hang on Joanna’s every word. Intuitively, he knew her retort would be just what needed and wanted to hear. There was just something far too irresistible and compelling about this cougar.
Sternly, Joanna began her tirade. “Listen darling”…said the Swan softly.

“I joined this site to compensate for the loss of completeness in my life. I’m married to some who was a great husband to his first wife, but only a mediocre husband to his second—-me. Long story short—he’s my whole mate, but not my soul mate. Not that I am looking for a soul mate, but I am looking to make you the object of my perfection…however perceived”.

Joanna chuckled slightly, but with great delight. She was “smug as a bug in a rug”—knowing full well that Steven was powerless to resist her candidness, among other things.

She carried on with her tirade. “You see darling we don’t have the intellectual and physical stimulation we once had in our marriage. After discovering his Craigslist activities, and other cyber infidelities…well I took matters into my own hands quickly and concisely”! Her voice began to crack a little. For the first time in their conversation Joanna allowed the pain beneath her steel exterior, to play peek-a-boo.

There was no disputing that Steven, being a realist and sensitive man, was deeply impressed and touched. He was compelled by a force he no longer recognized to speak up, and offer relief to what he viewed as a “damsel in distress”.

Still—the gentleman in him allowed himself to give Joanna the power she needed to control the conversation—meaning he relinquished his control for the moment. That gave Joanna the confidence and control she needed to continue with her tirade. Steven was truly a very clever customer, but still sensitive to her.

That one act, in and of itself, was the first sign of the real gentleman beneath the surface, which lay so dormant inside Steven. Republican or not, he could never hide his heighten sensitivity. This would be an attribute the Swan would come to cherish later in their relationship. But true to her form Joanna hopped on her proverbial “soapbox” to begin her verbal journey.

“Now before you go off thinking the wrong thing, kind sir”—instantly Steven interrupted her before she could carry on with the painful banter. “Hey…hey….hey…wait for a second. I can identify more with you on this level than you think! You are so not in this arena alone…my dearest! I’m so there with you…seriously”! He listened closed attempting to anticipate the moment Joanna would try to respond. He was on the money, and quite on point.

However, Steven was not about to allow his statement to be upstaged in any manner—call it the Executive in him. Either way, Joanna was not going to upstage. It was at this point Steven regain control of the conversation’s direction.

“SSSSHHHH”….he hissed loudly through the phone, laughing only slightly. The, now ill-tempered woman on the other end, and calmed herself to mellow just a bit. Steven was, neither, upset or disturbed by her emotional banter. If anything, he allowed himself to establish a sort of comfort level with her, and began to feel that he would have more in common with Joanna than other woman he could possibly meet on the site—or cyber space for that matter. That moment would be the hallmark of their relationship growing going forward. It was the damndest thing!

However, true to her form, Joanna had to have the last words—so she did. “Okay here is the skinny of it. I’m simply in no mood, nor state of mind to be your transitional play toy! In other words pick a playmate, and stick to her whoever you pick. Simply make sure you choose one exclusively. I wanna be the one, and the only one outside of your wife. You see…hun…I personally do not play well with others”! After that you could tell that Joanna’s balls were larger than the average broad’s—hell so could Steven!

On the other hand, Steven had to break into laughter. “Hey I like your style sweething, but that’s something we will have to earn from one another—loyalty that is. Do ya think? I’ll feed off your emotions, and direct my feelings accordingly. But I think you get the gist of what am trying to tell you—because I know exactly where you are coming from—no lie—no lines”!

“HHHHMMM—girlfriend I think we’re gonna get along just fine…yes…just fine. You know I am looking for the one woman to fill the void deep within me. I am seriously thinking, right now, that this woman is you”!

The still excited man paused to clear his voice and thoughts before continuing on with his personal and emotional rhetoric. He was careful, however, not to rub Joanna the wrong way. Steven was careful to convey his convictions; without allowing his intentions to run contradictory to hers.

“Seriously, I am not to damn please with this site, or any of the porn sites either. If I am not running into escorts, I am running into a lot of crazy bitches…pardon my French. Then you the dingy ones, who cannot hold a real conversation—that is not for me. You are definitely a breath of fresh air”!

After that, Steven restarted his car as if to say—I have spoken—nothing else needs saying. But Joanna would not allow that to be the case. “Okay Steven”…she remarked skeptically. “We will see…says the Zen Master”! She then slowly turned her car into the parking garage where she worked. “Well let’s end this conversation here, and on a good note”.

“Of course”…Steven agreed with curiosity spinning around in his brain.

“Well baby…until the next conversation. Just concentrate and analyze what I am telling you. He could hear her scrambling around in her car, and fumbling with things.”

The curious exec was suspicious that he had penetrated deep into her brain because women often do distract things: this in an effort to not have to deal with the situation at hand.

It was simply a triumph to Steven— seeing that he got to her, that is. He wanted this woman more than he realized he would, or should for that matter. Nothing short of intrigue and sensual insolence guided these soon to be lovers from this point.

“Well baby…until next time”—She told him. “Hey…I like the way ended your statement Ms. Swan…calling me baby” he stated to her rather sexy and sensually. “I think this is the start of something real and new”. Steven paused, again, to wait for Joanna’s response. “Yeah…we’ll see”—Joanna remarked but with a resonating pessimism.

“Talk to you soon, okay. I will call you, or email you again tomorrow. It just depends baby…” That was the executive’s way o f trying to manage a stronger position of power in this nuance of a relationship—poor fella—he was determined!

“No problem”…Joanna responded. “And Steven thanks so much for a wonderful and enlightening conversation today. You made the drive to work with it today’! He chuckled with delight, and just like that they both hung up their phones simultaneously.

Now if either of these would be lovers imagined their day, after that, would be “business as usual”—both were seriously in denial. The gauntlet had been thrown from both sides of the proverbial dating aisle. It was not time to “put up…or shut up”!

This game of erotic and intellectual intrigue was on like nobody’s business. Think about it for a moment, a Democrat and Republican pursuing one another. It was a sure fire fact that it came down to whom was more of a strategic poker player than the other, and the stakes were getting higher and higher. But knowing these two key players…they would be like most staunch poker plays—“all in”!

For the rest of the day Joanna’s brain kept taunting her delightfully, of course. But bare in mind, this woman was not lightweight. She regained her composure quickly. Ms. Swan began to carry on with her day, as if the conversation with Steven had no real substance or meaning to her at all, but she simply fooled herself. She could not shake that man from her brain to save her life.
Meanwhile—on the other side of the dating aisle—Steven was experiencing the same dilemma.

Finally, the time arrived for our two lovers to bring their day to a close. Steven, on his drive home, again, had this far away glossy and blazed look in his eyes. He would smirk every now and again, as his palms grew sweaty and his heart rate elevated itself a few notches. I believe, unbeknownst to Steven his minds psyche’ decided it was gong to have Joanna—“come hell or high water”! Hell, at that point, Joanna was the quick fix Steven felt he needed. However, he would soon come to find this notion a fleeting one.
This man loved every moment of his torment, including the bewildered or bewitched feeling he now felt. It was at that point something deep within him took over. His shoulders became more even, erect, and poised. The executive’s hands sternly grasped the steering column of his vehicle. Suddenly that far and away look was not so distant.

Long story short—Steven was hatching his attack plan—drawing a mental hunting schematic. Hell! He would need it dealing with a woman as savvy as Joanna. Poor fella paid no attention to the obvious fact that it really would not be Joanna, per say that would challenge him—it would be the Savvy Swan, he alter ego.

Now back on the opposite side of this dating square Joanna wasn’t any better off. However, she was a faster thinker, mover and shaker. Patience…let’s say…was not one of her better virtues. She allowed herself to become deeply entangled in Atlanta traffic, in an effort to distract her thoughts. Joanna, and her alter ego, could not help but reflect upon the earlier conversation with this man—who now began to occupy her every other thought.

But—true to form—nothing began to move on I285 east or west. Don’t think for a moment that this was not fate creeping in slowly, but surely. It may have been an act of impulse, or maybe even mental necessity, regardless; Joanna picked up her phone and dialed Steven’s number. Once she realized what she was doing…” slam”…went her phone, onto the car’s console. Suddenly, her mischievous side took over. She picked up the phone and began to text Steven instead.

“Listen—if you want this…be a man about it…makes a damn move. Please…don’t stop to think or hesitate…just bust a damn move and forget about it!”

“You are this big-time national Sales VP, in a phrase baby, make it happen—close the deal! The ball is now in your court!” Let’s see what you are truly made of, and if you have the gusto to your plan into action”.
The Swan knew that this move could play right into his hands, but she also felt this intuitive feeling within her, which, had become too overwhelming to deny—it wanted her rather he admitted it or not! The writing was on the wall Mr. Bestofeverything ignited something deep inside the Swan. Needless to say, the sheer shock of it went straight to her lower loins. In a word—for a woman of that means—Joanna had come alive. However, Ms. Swan was at her emotional and physical control panel doing her thing.

When Steven read that text message he was floored! Immediately he turned off his phone. Why—is any one’s guess! He had no idea what to think, say, or do…well…at the particular moment. Like most “high powered” types the executive began to scramble for some type of recourse or retort.

Now to Stevens credit, to know him, is to know that he does nothing at the drop of a hat that would compromise his objective. He usually gives the issues a little thought, and due diligence. But this time the circumstances were different—in his mind’s eye.

“Damn” …he whispered under his breath. “I am fucking impressed”! He chuckled and smiled with delightfulness. The turned on gentleman and exec’s massive hard-on was near to bursting threw his trousers’ zipper. So extreme.

You see it was the revelation of the moment. He knew, “beyond any shadow of doubt”, that Joanna was his for the taking, and he wanted her immensely. His masculine member filled so quickly with a flood rush of fluid, hardened itself. Suddenly Steven had a full-frontal view of his rod of power.

The confused and dazed executive began to blush wildly as he tried pressing his member down between his throbbing thighs. The effort to conceal his arousal was futile. He could not help but laugh despite himself. Through his laughter, however, began this insatiable burning desire to closer to this woman who now taunted his inner inhibitions.

Shortly after this revelation, he had to pull his Lexus over and turn on those hazard lights—a practice he will become all too familiar with in the near future. The poor fella was turned in a manner that made him perspire profusely. The only discourse left for Steven was to place his face into his hands in hopes of pulling it together. But on the flip side of this emotional and physical purgatory—-he enjoyed every moment of his torment!

Finally, after scrambling frantically Steven managed to find his bearings. It wasn’t easy at all, but he managed this task with great forbear in his spirit. As tempted as Steven was to call Joanna back and respond to her bold move—he flat out refused! His thoughts were, aroused or not, he would not allow himself to be called out by her that easily. “Ahh…too late”!

Right at that moment Mr. Bestofeverything (Steven’s alter ego, of course) began to think more strategically and preemptively. He decided to make Joanna pay for her teasing and taunting of him, as if she were Jezebel or Scarlett O’Hara. Which—by the way—rather he would admit it or not, turned him more than just a tad.

Meanwhile—a heavy breathing Joanna became dismayed with the fact that Steven would not respond to her text immediately. I don’t know if she was herself, or Ms. Swan, but either way she was livid! Now, true to form, Steven

gently wrapped his H. Stockton Blazer around them both to protect her from the chill of the night. He wanted to catch the scent of her Perfume Provocateur that spellbound him so and to feel the soft and suppleness of her skin. This had eluded him for years. Stephan was caught up in the moment, and she was held captive with him again.”
Onlookers be dammed!

Elle’s eyes took on the of absolute wonderment and satisfaction. It could not be helped. Stephen went all over her. And his love and desire for Elle; cloaked the astounded beauty, like a warm mink sable wrap. And he reveled in it. As did the proud and spellbound exec. Because the deal was now closed…or was it?

The moment and that night was beyond magical.
Shit, I ain’t mad at her fucking narcissistic and neurotic ass!
Reminds me of my damn self. Just sayin’.
They were each other’s new “needful thing”, and neither player was ready to let go of the other.
At the very moment, the Lady Luci finished looking out at that full moon, her diamond tracking dot went off like a patriot missile. Holy fucking shit!
The Colonel was signaling to her that he was still alive and enroot to her.
Ohhhh… boy. What the fuck? What the damnation!
You Gotta Love the Treachery of Destiny and Fate!

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