+18 Years and Older —- Rated “M” for Mature Audiences Only

Carnal Maneuvers By the Soldier Who Lives By the Lake

A Narration & Steamy Slow Burn (Based Upon Actual Events)

Could a women even imagine, in her wildest of dreams, a hero and soldier, making her and her life his new found carnal rescue mission? Believe it! (Based up actual events).

Abridged Chapter Excerpt

Operation Night Mixer


Sebastian and Elle landed upon the south shore of the lakes murky depths, the like two stealth bombers. Literal zero sound on their end. Obviously, their skills were still intact. In truth, the lovers were both horrified and spent. They were being hunted, plus their primal tryst (by the breaking of that glass window), had been exposed. By his brother and sister-in-law… of all people! They were spent, alright. Not a surprise considering it’s from the heated sexcapades prior to their rapid exodus and amphibious landing. There will be hell to pay for that back window, and it’s more than any words could ever express. The couple wore this notion upon their no-we-didn’t-just-do-that horrified faces as the setting sun gleamed upon their flesh. Of course, laughing as if they were two naughty and tenacious teenagers, who had just broken all the rules. Rebels… eye roll.

Speaking of the setting sun, it felt as if a pseudo spotlight had followed the lovers. However, it still did nothing to hold back the sneaky and snarky smirks forming on the couple’s faces from their naughty deed. It reminded them of the old times. The two were notoriously known for naughty deeds back in the theatre. The lovers constantly tested and broke all the rules. I remember one of their brazen antics, very well.

 Sneaking out into the desert one moonlit night (while our company was on alert). Weapons secured to their naked bodies, as Sebastian pulls Elle into his lap. Half-naked. Hearts pumping wildly, from passion gone wild, and fear of being caught… by either side. Adding extra sensual and intimate tension to their dark and dirty deed.

Suddenly, the beast inside King took over the helm. He snatched Elle from the front seat, of their Humvee. He began thrusting Elle’s body against the side of their vehicle, as he snatches her battle dress uniform’s shirt wide ass open, to suckle the shit out of her erect nubs. Next, sliding his knee in between her long legs, to spread them wide open. His eyes gorged wide open, at the view of his love’s robust and supple bosom. Driving him madder and darker, with heated ecstasy. Kneeling before her, as if paying homage to a god. SFC King slowly slid Elle’s utility pants down slowly, rubs his nose softly against her hairy outer sanctum. Simultaneously, inhaling the sweetness of her pheromones, clammy flesh, and light fragrant scent. You gotta love Killian’s “Dangerous Liaisons”. No man, on earth, can ever resist that body oil on a woman. None. King always felt that damn scent was one of the sexiest elixirs, he’d ever had the pleasure to behold. Oh yes, he can be quite the romantic… at times. However, this wasn’t one of them. King was a brazen beast on that night!

Before she could take in another breath his tongue licks and laps against her pleasure temple, in rapid and heated repetitions. Elle’s heart nearly leapt out of her chest, from the sensation and torture of the gesture. Rather than scream too loudly, and alert half the middle east; Elle plunged her fist into her mouth, muffling her screams and pants of pleasure. Her strong muscular knees buckled and tightened around Sebastian, nearly snapping his neck. Of course, driving that damn boy madder and madder with wanton passion. He couldn’t help himself. SFC King had that damn naughty and dark side to him.

After not being able to take anymore; King snatches Elle into that vehicle, for the finish. Rocking their Humvee to the point of a near tip over. Elle’s cornrows pulled loose, as Sebastian spews hot milky whiteness into her tight and warm canal. The cupping of his hand over her mouth. As she screams from utter excitement and relief. Toes curled into knots; feet stretched into ballerina points, as her heart pounded like a drum. All while the moonlight crests it’s brilliance upon their wet and clammy flesh. Then, again, making love, then fucking like jack rabbits. Of course, to the point of becoming totally spent, as damn hell! Finally, sneaking back into their prospective quarters, as if no major event between the two lovers ever happened.

 Aaauuuhhh… news flash! We (four or five female battle-buddies) were in the brush watching damn near every thrust and release. We nearly relieved ourselves primally, on the spot. It was unreal. And a secret none of us could ever divulge.  Sorry… I digressed.

Back to the south solarium….

Laughing as if they were giddy school children who’d just pulled off a naughty prank, the couple’s eyes met one another’s line of sight. As Elle’s lashes fluttered with coquettish comportment, her carnal partner in crime shot over a shamefully delicious wink, as he dropped his head into those brawny cupped hands of his. “Damn baby… here we fucking go again, thank God. Cause my ass needed this fucking shit.” Sebastian resounded firmly. “I’m fucking alive baby. This feeling is exhilarating as hell. You know exactly what I mean.” Her lover yelped with both adulation and fury. Those gorgeous diamonds of his were shooting off wicked winks, the likes of a cad gone wild. Both decadent and lascivious. The reality of their former dirty deed began to sink deeper into that vast psyche of his.

“Shit baby… we fucked hard as hell in that damn Humvee. Like we did in the desert, that time. You remember the fuck shit we use to do. Back in the theatre, right?” That damn boy couldn’t stop laughing and shaking his head from side to side. Rather he realized it or not; his stare was an indication that he was, literally, a million miles away. Elle glared deep into his piercing stare, upon her flesh. Immediately, invoking a million goosebumps to begin their road march, up and down her wet and heated body. Saying not a single word, nor answering his inquiry. Only standing there wrapping her arms around her curvy silhouette. Still, she was shivering and shaking like a leaf. Though, I believe, she didn’t realize it. Knowing full well that she was no shrinking violet. Guess it was from the realness of the moment and situation.

My bet ten to one, she was calculating what moves and response to endeavor. Sebastian had to have had some type of a temporary brain fart. Elle becomes very stoic and nonresponsive when she senses any type of fear or uneasiness. My battle-buddy was strategizing, her way! Hence the real and true reason for the nonverbal response to King. We are besties… I so get and know her.

Hope you guys have enjoyed my little sneak peak. Nothing like a narrated slow burn…

Glam-Lit & Military Romantic Suspense Author: Ms. J. Z. Luciano


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