Once upon a time, it was believed that the great philosopher and psychoanalyst Dr. Otto Gross gave his admired colleague and therapist Dr. Carl Gustov Jung sound advice and candor, concerning the ambivalence towards his angst with the pursuit of desire and pleasure. You see, the gentleman and rogue scholar employed Dr. Jung to help him be a man who would never resist anything. More importantly, help him live wholeheartedly with the saying, “Dr. Jung… pleasure is simple… until we complicate it.” Those were the words of, not just bohemian wisdom, but the passkey to unlocking the door and setting free an alleged intellectually dark Dom, superfreak, and sadist! No matter how eye popping or jaw dropping this concept was to Dr. Jung’s willful and appealing ears, Early 20th century Europe still grapples with this revelation to this very day! And if we fast forward ourselves to the 21st century; we will find that a very young and troubled hero and soldier (SFC Sebastian King) dark side grapples with this same philosophic hedonism. To his credit, however, Jung and Gross were the soldier and scholar’s laden hedonic paragons of passion secretly. I mean… damn.