WINTER CAPTIVES – Love, Lust & Submission (Book Trailers & Teasers)




🥀🔥”I Was Both Wrong and Brazen to Have Dared Him. But I Wanted… What I Wanted. No If’s, And’s, or Buts!” Was It Need, or Carnal Greed That Pulled Me Down That Reprobative Rabbit Hole?🥀🔥


The 2nd artic blast, of 2014, spread across George—like one of the 7 plagues of Egypt. As the blizzard’s cold snow falls upon the secluded mountain bungalows and swanky enclaves the heat rises for three trapped lovers and their journey of primal discovery, in the midst of a secret community of twisted, carnal games and dangerous rituals. This perilously dark and enticing sect is duly named… “THE SLIDE”!

Lust, Love & Submission During the 2nd Artic Blast Over Georgia


IntroductionIn Elle’s Own Words & Defense

North Georgia Mountains – 2014
Incited and driven with ghastly needs, and relentless wants… I knew I had to move, both boldly and swiftly…in my life. Especially, at that time. Starved, as hell intimately. Jaded and cynical as fuck emotionally. I could barely stand my own self. When a woman, who knows herself is that distraught by her feelings, its time to make “command decision” type of moves. Guess what Y’all? I was that type of bitch!!!!

However, deep down in my battle worn soul I knew, instinctively, that something had to give. So…without a moment’s hesitation…. I headed north, to the mountains, for my new an emotional reprieve, adventure, and to begin charting a new life in sensually uncharted waters, so to speak. Call it self-preservation! But my body quaked from the need of intimate touch, warm words of sentiment, understanding, and most of all… binary sensual reverie. Shit… my libido and ego needed firm long-term stroking. The how or why’s of it, were not essential… only the acts themselves. Just go with it. It was my state of mind, at that time, in my life. Lowdt… if I only knew!

…Hey, a woman can hope.
…Sometimes … I swear. I felt like Samantha’s character, from “
Sex in The City”

However, looking back, I realize that the synergistical force that pulled me towards the mountains of Ellijay was as deviant, as it was ethereal… I believe (call it balance) For whatever reason, I was drawn there by a beguiling and determined entity: which I could not see… only feel. Yet, there was no doubting in my mind that something fantastically mind-blowing was awaiting me up there. Forcing me to place as much distance and mental space between myself, suburban Atlanta, and her urban enclaves. Because I had grown far to weary of feeling like a damn square peg continually attempting to retrofit myself into the circumference of meaningless circles…if you get my drift!
Fair to state… I was over it all…

Until that rather infamous Saturday night, at Atlanta Studio 54….
That is where I re-engaged with two of the gentlemen (Yugo and Yuri) that would change the trajectory of my life, forever….

Amidst the normal Friday night herd stood Yugo and Yuri. Both cousins were standing with the procession of anxious and feverish gentlemen gathered by the, crowded, danced floor that night enjoying and sipping on their extra-large dirty martinis, as I walked in. Of course, I was recognized immediately, as my eyes were met with beguiling winks and smiles of approval by Yugo and his cousin (or was it relief…jury is still out). Need to iterate that this was after reviewing my entire silhouette from head to toe. It would be my quasi naked and afraid short-lived moment… teasing, of course. I thought the damn herd were going to begin turning black flips in that tiny space.

Yeah, you heard me correctly. We call it black flips for a reason. Those boys love to dance with Black, Hispanic, and Asian women. For whatever reason. Even more, the darker the dancing beauty… the better! But hey… we all loved to cut a damn rug on the Studio’s dance floor. I could dance all night; never run out of dancing partners, or breath. Shit… those were the good ole days, so to speak. Hey… baby boomers are people too, don’t ever count us out─we are the damn party! I know damn well I was. And goodness that Yugo!

However, to his and Yuri’s defense there were reasons to smile and wink, with such imprudence, shall I state. Our little trio was in the ownership and possession of secrets so damn riveting that if ever revealed, it would rock the state of Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida… from top to bottom. Because, previously, our little trio bumped into one another at a business engagement; hosted at a billionaire’s Buckhead enclave, around our prospective fields and interest (private equity). Not only did I feel honored and in my element and field of interest. I was with my damn tribe! Nothing mattered to me that evening, beyond that. Because it was the most comfortable and accepted space I had partied and unleashed myself in, for a very long …long … long… time! Damnation.

Safe to state, I cared very little for an introduction, or to acknowledge either gentleman. I… know. That’s some snarky bullshit, as it is inexcusable. But my headspace was all fucked up, and in a desperate fight for change and salvation. Though my convictions were spinning on their axis, at that point in time. But gosh… I was sssooo bitchy and mean. Worse… I didn’t give a damn about either gentleman’s feelings, opinions, nor retort. Somehow… mean girls… just doesn’t quite cut it… or explain it! Cause underneath those expensive garbs of mine… my ass was seething and smokin towards the host. How dare, he introduce me to, what I first perceived, as wannabe financial players. Who knew nothing of the shark infested investment banking waters! Learned rather swiftly… to never judge a damn book by its cover. Especially, within the investment banking community! Goodness.


Clearly, I wasn’t the Board Chairman’s only best friend and potential investor. My true disdain and uneasiness were the fact that those boys were wearing lawman jeans, along with pretty high-end Rolexes. Assessed rather swiftly that those two mofo’s were far wealthier than any of us financial community bottom-feeders could have ever imagined. In addition, those boys were tall, blue-eyed, European, fine as hell, accompanied by some of the sexiest accents and drawls a girl could or want to hear. Automatic competition and threat. Let alone, pretty difficult for me to keep my harlot and shark instincts at bay. (Disdained, like hell, being blindsided like that…shit!)

…Then again──was this harlot really disdained, or turned the fuck on?
…. Which, of course, made Yugo and Yuri pretty sexy and sexual “clear and present dangers”!

Albeit right or wrong, there was something enigmatic and dark about them… not in a threatening way. But an “M” … in Skyfall kinda way. I know how to read my goddamn Spidey sensors! For the record… Yugo and Yuri sent my sensory into the damn stratosphere… no shit! But damn. The magic and magnetism swirling around our little pseudo pact was undeniable. I knew in my heart of hearts… this was a wrap! We were gonna follow those invisible breadcrumbs, to the naked eyes of others, wherever they would lead. Damnation!

…. Hell… the hairs on my neck and arms were at full attention, long before the Chairman’s introduction was over. What can I say?
… Though graciously and properly introduced by the host, I failed to pay either gentleman any noteworthy attention…well at that time!
… I was really pissed at our host, for blindsiding me the way he did.

In actuality, I was pretty snarky and stuck-up as hell towards the underdressed fellas (most of the guest wore shark repellent business suits…not sport jackets and jeans)! Kept asking myself, quietly, who the hell did Yugo and Yuri think that they were? Better than the rest of us? Or wealthier than the rest of us?” Either way…my ass didn’t appreciate having to challenge my on convictions and curiosities that way…not in the fucking least! In my eyes the Chairman’s bold move was either payback, or a test. Cared less either way. At first glance, Yugo and Yuri felt out of place, and over the top to me. So petty and amateurish, in retrospect. Naïve as hell, as well!

Of course, a decision I would come to kick myself in the ass for later. Not only was my attitude rude, but unsufferable…at the same time. To my snarky “city girl” credit──I mistakenly took the gentlemen for wannabe hicks… from God knows where. (Not a stretch of the imagination for Buckhead Atlanta). Mountain boys always journeyed down to Buckhead or Midtown Atlanta, for some decadently mischievous adventure and sowing of wild oats… so to speak! No surprises there…ever.

However, hater… harlot… or not! I knew I wanted Yugo, beyond any shadow of doubt. Made of my mind to play the game, with him, as coyly as possible. After all, my ass was in the, overly pompous, mindset that he was a damn mildly experiences hick in relationship or dating game(right), and I this pseudo sophisticated powerhouse dating-game city slicker. Plus, the host and I were close. I didn’t want to give an inch of territory… to anyone …where he was concerned. My thought processes were this. He endeared me… as I endeared him. Total fucking miscalculation, on my behalf.

However, later in the evening, to my awe and utter naïve experience and expectations, that so called event turned into some type of pragmatist after-party. The damn guest speaker was still upstairs signing books and shaking hands with new and future investors… in the goddamn interim.

Whattttt… in the fuckety-fuck was happening in, so called, conservative and suburban Atlanta???!!!

By midnight, the swap meet was on, and in full swing. No pun intended. Folks started exchanging partners, all over the place. Um talkin, in the downstairs make-ship orgy room; the pools; hot tubs; showers that could quite safely fit nearly fifty people at once, and guest houses on the property. My mouth was completely, and utterly agape. Um talking clothes, panties, draws, g-straps stilettos, high-end loafers everywhere. This was a bit above my adventure level experience, so to speak. “What in the fuck”, I repeatedly whispered to myself? Now who was the hick, and who was the more seasoned city slicker. Total prude alert! My level of pure sexual and intimate ignorance was on full display. Totally, gut-wrenching!

Though, thrilled, and excited, especially between my flame filled thighs…I wanted to leave that mansion as fast as my feet would take me. But somehow Yugo and Yuri managed to talk me into not leaving, in such an expedient and rude manner. Should have known it would have been those two sexy fuckers. Dammit! But my ass was horrified, especially being one of maybe three women of color, present and participating in such an event. Total sentuality and itmacy novelist… and snob! So much for open-mindedness. (Or was I frightened by something far more familiar to me… an awakening of the senses?)
“Don’t be such a party pooper” Yuri yelped, in his sexy European ass voice. Yugo, glared deep into my eyes, with those cerulean blue eyes of his. Saying not a damn word, as he slightly bit down on his lip, of course, before licking a moistening them to a sparkling glisten. But damn… those eyes spoke to me in volumes. Rake alert!

That was it. Leaving was completely out of the question! Until….
Before I could turn to make a swift exit, both of those boys reached up to pat me on my stomach, ever so confidently and softly. Those hands of theirs felt as if tiny bolts of electric shock were streaming from them, onto every inch of my body’s loins. Clearly, fate was being as bitchy as ever. Along with playing fucking games with my ass. I could not have left all that excitement and intrigue, if the Chairman had come to rescue me, himself! Kinda feeling like his ass set this shit up, that way.

Because he knew I was over those big city, and big business corporate types. Expressed as much over dinner and drinks, during our routine happy hour get togethers. It would be just like him to throw a wringer at me, out of nowhere… just like that. He may have endeared me… but the chairman never missed an opportunity to challenge my convictions, thought processes, and worst of all… fucking limits! In addition, he knew I wasn’t quite over my break-up with that sexy ass bad boy of an International, handpicked by the boys of Goldman Sachs, President from Minnesota. Talk about being thrown in at the deep end of the ocean???!!! Shit… what in the hell was up with this ‘polite society’s” version of libertinism? Fuck… this damn … fuckety-fuch… shit!

Then again, realistically speaking….
Could I really be angry with him, though? I mean… realistically.



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