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🥀🍾🇺🇸LOVE & LEISURE – With Gentlemen of Eminent Merit🥀🍾🇺🇸

LOVE & LEISURE : With Gentlemen of Eminent Merit





NEEDFUL THINGS – The Unmasking of Untold Wants

A Saga Noir & Struggle Begins

(Abridged Excerpt)

The Light Colonel (LTC) slightly narrowed his eyes, giving way to a slight smirk, loving her resistance. The evening and the table were far too beautiful to dishevel or disrupt. Instead of arguing back and forth with Ms. Elle, he decided to allow her to win the round so the couple could resume the enjoyment of the evening.

However, deep in his gut, he wanted to dress-right-dress the attitude and razor tongue of hers. It was the narcissist in him. The Colonel had witnessed more times than he could count Elle’s ability to be polite and kind. Her more cynical side was leaving quite a lot to be desired, especially by the gentleman next to her.

LTC Kidd’s knew implicitly that the feminist in her took advantage of the situation to re-surface, but his own curiosity got the better of him. The central theme of his thoughts was the same. Why? Why was this beautiful woman so damn jaded and quite nasty to him sometimes at different intervals? Basically, why so many triggers? Kidd’s loved solving for “X” … always.

Quickly the Light Colonel assessed that Elle was a bit pretentious, towards certain issues and subjects. Nonetheless, underneath all of that was a beautiful, longing to be loved creature on the inside. With this thought in mind, the Colonel decided he would interrogate her his way.

“Well, we should ensure that you are comfortable for the rest of evening, Ms. Suga. What would you like the bartender to pour for you?”  He looked deep into her eyes with all the admiration he could possibly muster, attempting to get a good read on her emotions.

“You have your choice, young lady, of dark ales, fine wines, or spirits from the top shelf, and all over the world, for that matter. What can we serve you, baby? Mmm, come on tell me.”

Elle repositioned herself in the lounge chair by the fire to her left. Her hair swayed a little by the night breeze. She raised her hand to move a few hanging tresses of hair from her eyes and face, but he stopped her. He stopped the lady dead in her tracks. The curious beauty threw her head back and smiled at him curiously.

Before she could respond, his hand brushed the hair from her face, instead. He leaned over to kiss her, and she quickly placed her hand over his lips.

“Be careful my dear, you have no idea what you are doing!” She laughed at him and leaned her upper torso backward. It was to no avail, however.

“Come back here, girl, let me show you how a real man does things.” He yanked Elle into his lap and kissed her as hard as he could. Though stunned, she still remained a cool customer.

The what-the-hell-look in her eyes spoke volumes, or rather for her. “

Didn’t know that boy had it in him…, not like that!

“Well, shhhiiittt, what was that for, Baby?”

The Colonel’s eyes lit up like the evening’s twilight.

“Damn, Suga, I went from Darlin’ to Baby!” He watched her gestures and responses more closely than ever.

“What the hell did you expect, Baby!” Without hesitation, she kissed him back, but she pushed past his lips and stuck her tongue down his throat.

“Boy, I told ya, you don’t know what you’re playin’ with. Shit, I play for keeps, and do not forget I am a hunter, Baby.  I hunt for the kill, not the thrill!” She glanced over at the staff and Colonel. Her smile made the Cheshire cat seem plain, as hell. Smiling like a Cheshire cat herself, Elle looked over at the staff and then the Colonel.

“Well, it’s all good, Girly, but I know how to hunt, too. I think I am much better at it, however!” The Light Colonel chuckled.

“Suga, you had better have the bartender pour you a glass of courage, you gonna need it before this date is ova!” His outburst of laughter unnerved the gleeful beauty in ways he could not imagine.

“Alright, Suga, I see you wanna play for keeps. Let’s see how you do under real pressure.” The woman uttered not another word. She simply sat up straight and smiled.

Next, she let out a laugh filled with a sarcastic overtone. He did not like it one bit, but the gentleman in him didn’t take her bait, either!

“Well, you had betta tighten up then, Young Lady!” He knew with every passing moment Elle was coming unglued.  She was reaching for answers, the first clue that the woman was nowhere in control of the evening.

“You are rather poised for a woman who knows she is really becoming unglued cloaked behind all that cynicism.”  The curious gentleman waited for her response.

All the Officer received from Elle in retort was a playful slap on the leg. Clearly, the eagerness in the gent became increasingly uneasy. He wanted and expected a different reaction from the intellectual feminist the gentleman was becoming a bit unglued, himself. Do not think for a moment that she was unaware of it.


Meet Mistress Elle and Her Famous GPS Diamond – (From the Chronicles of Mistress Elle)



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