The Book Brief & Abridged Excerpt


(RATED “M” for Mature Content)

Based on Actual Events


🥀🥰It was late evening as the Lord/Laird and Lady made their way slowly up the lake–in their large Pontoon boat.  The three-quarter moon shun brightly, that evening. He rested upon the ripples of the lake the likes of a naughty and mischievous adultescent, waiting to sneak out the house. The warm breaths of the night breeze appeared to whisper sweet nothings in the couples ears, ever so softly. Yet, they were no less impactive. Especially, where the Laird’s lady was concerned. Her goosebumps were dancing all over the beauty’s body. It wasn’t wracking nerves…oh no. It was anticipation. The Lady knew her Lord and Laird, it would only be a matter of timing, and available quiet coves on the lake. Before the gentleman would make any of his moves, of course. If he only knew? Her inner thighs were already on fire, with anticipation of whatever was to come.

She sat beside him quietly enjoying the simple pleasure of his arms around her shoulders, and lower torso. The two lovers were suspended within the rapture, and tranquility of one another’s softly expressed desires. His eyes met hers with a quiet and wanting emotional yelp. It was deep and dead center his eyes. The Lord was about to spontaneously combust underneath. The timing could not be more right, nor more alluring in nature.

            They both wore shorts as their naked thighs touched and rubbed gently against each other.  Not in time to the soft music on the radio, but the rhythmic dance of sensual pleasure so soft that no words were necessary—only the music.  Still, the music played its role to the nines. It cast a spellbinding and irresistible captivation. The lovers were cast deeper into its clutches, and the two would be held captive there, until nights end. Neither of the two were any the wiser. But could have cared less. They had each other, and all was well, in their world.

Both lovers looked up at the immerging stars as a long shadow cut by the bright moonlight opened the shaft of brighter moonlight revealing their smiling faces.  The Lord and Lady, deep down inside, knew that once at the dock; they were about to commence the ritual of making love in the dark headiness of the night: which of course was intoxicated by the teasing moonlight and enigmatic airy night.

            Gently, the Lady’s Lord stroked the soft hairs of her back, and the nape of her neck.  As he planted a soft dewy kiss on the nape of her neck, his free hand scaled slowly down her sloping upper torso to caress her ample and supple bosom.  Her breasts responded immediately, to his touch, and he smiled to his lady before taking her, now erect nipples, into the warm sensual wetness of his mouth.  The Lord could feel her flesh growing clammy with perspiration, as he held her steadily in place. The Lady was his for taking, and take her… he would.

The reaction was immediate, and she leaned back to gain purchase from the buddy seat of the boat, as she pushed her breast deeper into the warmth and tightness of his puckered mouth.  In the process the Lady’s thighs automatically, yet naturally opened inviting the Lord’s exploring long, masculine and intrigued fingers.  This in hope and anticipation of entering her sacred, throbbing inner being.

            The Lady was, no doubt, wet to touch, and succulent to taste, she knew that she pleased her Lord, but wanted to please him even further.  In reciprocation, the Lady began to slowly caress the Lord’s manhood as he moved to stroke her curvaceous derriere.  His Lady’s skin literally sizzled with his touch——inviting the Lord to touch and caress her body more wildly.

            Soon–the Lady could wait no longer, and knelt in willing submission between his thighs lowering her lips onto his manhood slowly, and carefully.  She proceeded to kiss and suck it lovingly, tenderly, yet consumed with overpowering lust to prove to her Lord her value, worth, and substance.  She heard his soft words of approval as her exposed breasts and hardened nipples caressed his thighs–while her willing mouth devoured his erect member–within seconds.

The Lord and Master, of the Lady, was now humbled and reduced to a mere subject.  The desire to serve the Lady of his heart and manor had become far too consuming.  He knew his submission to her was not only close–but a notion he welcomed with open arms.  As the Lady proceeded with out caution–the Lord grew even crazier with passion for his Lady.  Reluctantly–he stopped her “cold turkey”–amidst all the erotic excitement. He couldn’t bare it any longer.

            The Lord and Master lowered her gently and lovingly onto the rear seat, and lifted her lower torso slightly.  As a result–her dripping canal smiled with great pleasure, and glared the Lord in his face–dazzling and sparkling under the dusty moonlit night.  He knelt to his Lady, in appreciation of her act of submission, and his submission to her—- asserting and assuring the Lady’s virtue, substance, and worth.  

The Lord knew without threat of reproach what needed to happen to make the Lady comfortable, and secure in his arms and ambient in presence.  Once the Lady assured him she was onboard emotionally and mentally his member hardened and stiffened, the likes of a hot poker.  In an act of total bliss the Lady held him tighter and securely, reassuring herself the he was all in.

🔥🥀🔥The Hedonism Nearly Set Their Party Barge & the Night On Fire!🔥🥀🔥

            Her Lord presented himself, at her “walls of glory” like a King with his tight shield of armor; cloaked around the two lovers (his love and desire for her), with a passion she had never seen or experienced.  His Grace’s love and Lady felt him penetrate deep inside her, as she beckoned him to brazenly slide deeper and deeper into her sanctuary. She was his–he was hers–they now belonged mentally and emotionally to each other. Almost eternal, even. The air and aura around the couple was just that enigmatic and powerful!

            Through the vigorous throws of thrust and passion, the Lady tried with a mighty desperation to speak, but she could not, his manhood filled every inch of her hall–there was not an open nook or cranny.  The Lord felt himself slide deeper and deeper up the hall, until he couldn’t travel any further physically–however–emotionally the Lord’s journey had just begun. 

            Suddenly, the Lady let out a slight scream–it did not matter the dock was so far from the manor and neighbors–her echoing voice fell only upon the ears of the animals and nature.  She remembered thinking to herself how primal they were there in that boat, as the music played–the song selection playing at that moment was “insatiable” by Prince.  How befitting of the moment.  These two were definitely–insatiable–in one another’s hearts and mind, no doubt. 

            Finally, the Lord came closer and closer to his final erotic destination, his thrust were far more vigorous, and the Lady’s grip slightly perforated his flesh.  Yet, it was not for him to stop–the feeling was far to overwhelming–this blissful submissive state–drove the Lord and Lady absolutely insane with passion and desire for one another. 

            The Lord, for one reason or another took pause, and grabbed his Lady by the small of her neck–in an effort to pull her closer to his lips.  He kissed her softly, and then vigorously.  His eyes, laminated by moonlight, said every thing.  The Lady knew not to say a word, because the moment had arrived.  She would now feel the full depth of his love, admiration, and desire for her.  Nothing, on this earth, could have been further from the truth.

            With all the strength he could muster, the Lord took in a deep breath, as did the Lady.  He thrust himself inside her hall so deep it lifted her entire body off the seat, and into the air for a second or two. 

Another scream of passion escaped the Lady’s lips…to no avail…there now was no stopping the Lord.  He grabbed her hair, as he stroked her head gently, and pulled her head next to his.  She responded with small kisses and moans of approval. 

Finally–their bodies moved in a provocative rhythm only the two lovers could understand and appreciate.  The Lord began to moan louder and louder, as his body stiffened all over, and became heavier and rigid.  His manhood grew two more inches–it seemed inside his Lady, and mistress.  She gasped with pleasure and pain–trust me–the pain was most welcomed. 

            The Lord snatched his hand from her neck, and slapped the flat side of the boat, where he pushed and thrust her, again and again.  The blood in his body turned red hot, and his breaths were closer and closer together–same could be said for the Lady–soon perspiration leaked rapidly from both bodies.  The boat rocked from side to side, as if left in the wind of a light to medium hurricane.  Yet, the Lord knew he could not stop this feeling any longer–he had come far to close to his final and most desired destination. 

            Again–his hardness strengthened itself, his Lady’s walls in the “hall of glory” dripped with passions fluids.  Now he could move up and down, in and out, with much ease and satisfaction.  The Lady knew the moment she dreamed of, had descended upon her.  So in an effort to aid Lord, the Lady wrapped her legs around his, and pulled him in as close and deeper into her as she could.   With out any doubt–that is all it would take.

            The Lord’s thrust turned to literal sexual jabs of passion, each jab stabbing at the Lady’s sensual soul, and her heart racing like mad.  The boat rocked, the owls were cooing, and the moonlight began to subside with each jab.  Suddenly, the Lord locked his legs, and pressed his feet against the bottom left side of the boat, and went for the goal.

He pushed harder, and harder, and harder.  His lips were all over the Lady he had become submissive to.  He grabbed her arms, then her breasts, and then he reached under her to pull the Lady as close to his soul as he could forbear.  “Oh my god” he says with all the strength he could possibly muster.  “I must relieve this now…may I…please my beautiful suga?”  She said not a worry–she couldn’t–the Mistress simply nodded her head to give approval. 

            Finally, the release came, his mind, body, and spirit, at that moment was pledge to her without another word said.  The Lady reciprocal response was a rigid body, and loud, loud, screams to the Lord and nature.  Though her words seemed incoherent, they made all the sense to nature, and her Lord and Master.  He finally relieved himself, as the fluids flowed like a raging river from her ‘hall of glory” to the floor of the boat.  Once totally relieve, the Lord took one last breath, and literally passed out in the arms of his Lady. 

            Nothing was said for a few seconds, and finally the Lady attempted to speak, but the Lord stopped her on the spot.  “No…no words are necessary here my darling by you!”  He took his last bit of strength, knelt down between her openings, and pressed his hands against her inner thighs–giving them a hard tug.

            “My Lady…I am yours…now until forever…I submit to you…I shall as always  serve, love, and protect you and only you!”  He pulled her up, and the two stood together, and then in each others arms.  She kissed him on the lips slightly, and pledged to him the same alliance.  Then the Lady stood in the cooling night air wrap tightly in the warmth of his arms.  The night air suddenly became very brisk, signaling to the couple, the time had come for them to adjourn to the manor, and in grand fashion they did just that. 

The couple walked up the garden path to the manor hand and hand with the Lord, knowing full well that his charge and Lady was secure, confident, and above all loved and adorned. 

Thus confirming to her, and the Lord–all was as it should be in their world of lust, passion, and love.  It is that love, passion, and lust, that has lasted and is very much alive to this very day. She is truly the Lady of the manor, and he the all protecting, loving, Lord and Master of the Lady, the manor–and all that is in between.

Stayed Tuned Ladies & Gentlemen…


You see sometimes—even in the midst of a maelstrom of life’s turbulent moments —-dreams really do come true. Reminding us that…”love conquers all”!

And that we must live in each and every wonderful moment of our lives!


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