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Mr. Bob Burden : Award Winning Author (“HIT MAN FOR THE DEAD”) ; Award Winning Comic Book Creator of the Global Comic Book Character (THE FLAMING CARROT); Pulp Fiction Screenplay Writer (MYSTERY MEN) , and Lifetime Member of the (WRITERS GUILD ). Also, Co-wrote the book IGNITED BONES 1st Chapter…

MS. SUSIE BARROWS: Highly Acclaimed Copy Editor to The Stars; Contractor Education Ethics Editor, and Former D. C. Comics Retired (Graphics Editor)

Ms. Mary Marvella Barfield Storyline & Grammar Editor (Great Professor of Life, The Written Word & Literary Lingo)

Terri A. Wilson One of The Best Content & Formatting Editor (Mentor)

In The Author’s Own Words

As an aspiring author, I do not stride to write masterpieces for my readers and reviewers. I stride, always, to master each piece & body of work that I write! I want you the reader to experience the extraordinary, verses the ordinary when I put my pen to paper!

🌹🍾About…The Cover Model🍾🌹

🇺🇸Book Cover Model: Mr. Brian Carpenter ( Epitome’ of the Gentleman’s…Gentleman; Documentary Director/Producer; Fitness & Wellness Guru &Retired Chippendale Entertainer)🇺🇸

🥀Photographer: Mr. Sean Kahill🥀



What Began As A Steamy Military Romantic Story About…”Good Time Pagans” — Has Evolved Into A Powerful Saga Noire’, Filled With Romantic Suspense and Steamy Dramatic Scenes that Stretches the Imagination of Its Readers! Come… Feel The Depths of Their Passions, Ladies and Gentlemen.


Something Within Sable-Ann BURNED With a Fiery Fury, Always! And Her Lovers Ate It Up….

A Film Noire’ Within A Book



~Long Blurb – Excerpt~

Picture It…

Amongst the backdrop of a military mission turned total “cluster f^*k”; promises broken; geo-political politics; high-stakes intrigue; airline sky clubs; the Chicago skyline at sunset⸻a powerful saga is resurrected! Three kindred spirits endeavor to find their way in the world, and their roles within each other’s lives. Robert (Bobby) Fitzgerald Glenn – National treasure. Hero. Navy Seal and Airborne Ranger. Officer and Gentleman. Team Commander. Spearheads this intoxicating book noir….

Underneath her calmness was a volcano of primal and carnal intentions waiting to erupt into action! Her wantonness overwhelmed her senses. Rather than admiring the beauty and grandeur of that sumptuous Presidential Suite, the beauty fled into her master suite like a bat out of hell.

Privately, great with his hands and lips. Spent 6 years of his life in hot pursuit of his cognitive and dark obsession— Mistress Sable-Ann Lacroix. The officer and gentleman pursued the elusive beauty the likes of Seal Team #6, after Osama Bin Laden! She was the one woman strong enough to go toe-to-toe with him.

But her need to dominate him, even emasculate him, sends Bobby-Glen away in a frenzy before his need to rule her becomes violently carnal and primitive. However, determined to set his lover straight and slake his needs, he returns to her for a night of no-holds-barred salacious lust. His mindset ran along one parallel line….

“Winning her was no longer everything…it was the only thing” ….



Please Enjoy My Complimentary BOOK Excerpt & Blurb Below

RATED “M” for Mature Audiences +18 Yrs or Older….


7🥀✍(From Chapter #6)🥀✍


The W Hotel Chicago wasted no time preparing and securing its Presidential Suite for Lord Percival and Mistress Sable-Ann. Of course, the amenities were beyond jaw-dropping and intimidating. The windows stretched from the floor to the ceiling, featuring gorgeous sheer taupe drapes that filtered the evening view of the downtown Chicago skyline into a softly glittering panorama. There was a master suite on one end and a guest suite on the other. If ever there was a Presidential suite meant to humble its most prudent of visitors, this one was it!

Also, the lord’s personal assistant should be given credit for acting as his trusted agent, on his behalf. He covered and expedited his employer’s wishes down to the letter and then some. Their stay at the W Hotel on this Friday evening would definitely be all things presidential, as Lord Percival intended for his dear Mistress Sable-Ann. Total…Wow Factor!

Nothing was left to chance. The concierge escorted the couple into the suite with air perfumed with enchanting scents of myrrh, jasmine, musk, and leather, all things sensual and beguiling to the primal spirit. A butler with a female assistant stood on standby. The suite’s attendants were astute and well mannered. This showed their gestures and nonjudgmental gazes. The suite’s wait staff stepped forward with grace and purpose to greet Lord Percival and his Mistress Sable-Ann.

“Welcome, Sir and Mistress, to the W Hotel of Downtown Chicago,” the butler intoned with a flourish. Thank goodness he did not call her Madame!

Next, the wait staff unloaded the couple’s wraps, briefcases, and handbags from the, luggage cart. Then, calmly, and expeditiously, they secured their personal effects in the center of the suite, of course until the attendees received further orders, to the couple’s delight and satisfaction.

The butler and his assistant never stopped smiling with gestures of pleasure and approval. They were falling in love with the occupants, of the suite. Rather quickly, I might add.

Sable-Ann’s chest literally decompressed all at once. Her smile lit up their entire side of the room. Lord Percival looked on, pleased and happy as hell! He knew all would be well in his world for the rest of the evening.

“Thank you both very much,” he resounded quickly. He and his mistress were visibly trembling with excitement like newly- weds, with ants in their pants. Sable -Ann turned to her handsome lord; her eyes lit up brighter than the city lights outside their spectacular windows.

His heart could have leapt through the roof of that suite with pleasure. She was once again becoming the mistress he knew and longed for so, many moons ago. And nothing on earth was ever going to strip him of her, again.

In an effort to ease Sable-Ann’s nervousness, Jimmy walked over to her and slowly wrapped his arms around her shapely silhouette. His dear mistress was shaking like a leaf, almost to the point of her teeth chattering against one another. The gentleman, knowing her so well from the past, knew instinctively that her fears were slowly turning into pure unadulterated angst and ambivalence. He needed to act quickly to reassure her.

The suite’s Lord and Master approached her from behind as he gently stroked the nape of her neck. “Baby,” Jimmy whispered softly into her ear.

“You are safe and sound in here.” He kissed her side cheek and earlobe, both genteelly and purposely. It would be the assurance and attentiveness his dear Mistress Sable-Ann warranted. Jimmy could literally feel the calm descend, slowly, upon her body.

A short period of silence ensued before Sable-Ann turned around, clinging to Jimmy’s long torso to hold herself steady and alert. Deep down in her soul, being clasped in Jimmy’s arms again felt like a

But she was a staunch existentialist. Sable-Ann needed to maintain some degree of self-decorum and a sense of reality. Because if she did not the night would turn into an all-out carnal exhibition. This is not how she wanted to re-enter Jimmy’s life again.

She looked at her long-lost lover, who waited patiently for her to respond. Finally, she spoke. “Lord Percival, I have never feared for my safety while in your full quarter,” his Mistress Sable-Ann resounded with her soft, deep, and sensual southern belle trill. She flashed those huge brown eyes, the windows that exposed her soul and desires.

In the center of her gaze were notes of submission and vulnerability. Jimmy recognized that look straight away. As a sign of his, acknowledgement, the gentleman gave his mistress a slight squeeze of confidence as he kissed her tenderly upon her lips.

“Darling, I would like for you to take the master suite, and I shall take the guest suite, of course.”

Slowly, Jimmy stepped backwards to release his embrace of Sable-Ann. Looking down towards the floor like a little boy being sent to his room for naughtiness, he slowly turned and proceeded towards the guest suite. He called for the butler and maid, who immediately reappeared from their posts. He gestured to his baggage, which they gathered and followed him in hot pursuit.

The gentleman did not look back at his dear Mistress Sable-Ann. He could not. He knew instinctively that if he did, she would not emerge again from that master suite on this night for anything or anyone. He had to play his cards as tight to the vest as possible.

Letting Sable-Ann take the lead, wherever it might go. Sable-Ann watched his departure with wide eyes. Finally, she took in a long, deep breath. Next, she took her time releasing it. This gave her some sense of control, plus the opportunity to get and pull her shit together.

Major Glenn is a battle-scarred Commander in the U.S. Army; who is primed; locked and loaded, as well as, poised for military greatness. Yet, engaged in a desperate personal battle against the growing darkness of that possessive bitch…” PTSD” … and his broken promise to the love of his life (Sable-Ann). Threatening to splinter and consume his psyche and wanting soul, something within him had to give. “Dark Ops Special Operative” and hero…or not!

Sable-Ann was literally running on her tippy toes. Why… is anybody’s guess? Because whether she would admit it to herself or not, Lord Percival was going to have her, either in his bed or hers. That fact was finite, as hell!

Instinctively, however, they both knew it. How could either Lord Percival or Mistress Sable-Ann not? As Sable-Ann opened the door to her suite, her jaw nearly dropped to the floor in utter astonishment. The king-size bed in front of her was something out of a woman’s dream.

She felt like a bride on her wedding night. The canopy-topped bed was draped on all sides with sheer winter white chiffon, matching the coverings of the bed. Soft rose petals of pink, yellow, and red were strewn across the bed, the floor, and even the closet.

Sable could hardly speak. She could only gasp in utter awe and surprise. “Ohhh, my Lord,” was all she could muster. She was truly astonished. To her left was a beautiful round table that had been dressed to the nines with the charcuterie platter from Hell.

There were all types of smoked meats, caviar, exotic olives and cheeses, grapes, and cherries, and of course, smoked oysters and salmon. With an astounded smile, Sable-Ann turned to look toward the opposite end of the Presidential Suite. In the doorway of the guest suite stood Lord Percival. He shot her a smirk that broadened into a sardonic smile (it was so beguiling and charming).

Across the distance, his green eyes glared a penetrating look that lanced straight into Sable-Ann’s heart. That was it. Abruptly, his Mistress Sable raced to the center of the suite. There the butler and maid had posted themselves, awaiting their next duty, or orders. Sable-Ann turned to look both attendants in their faces and said, “Thank you for your great service and discretion.”

Jimmy’s wallet lay on the table. Sable-Ann reached into it and pulled out two one-hundred-dollar bills, and four fifty-dollar bills. She handed them over to both the butler and maid evenly.

Their smiles lit up every inch of the suite. They were both elated and humbled by the exorbitant gratuity. They had already been guaranteed an advance of a cool thousand dollars for the night. Jimmy could afford it!

Bless you and thank you, Mistress, for your gracious gift,” the butler responded softly.

Sable-Ann simply smiled as she gave both attendees a slight bow of approval. “You may retire to your quarters for the night. We will not need you until around noon tomorrow. All I ask is that you are on
time and thorough.”

Jimmy watched in awe and utter delight. Her smile and demeanor were those of a pseudo Lady Foxington. He was sporting a monstrous hard-on! He could not wait to get her alone in that suite. Jimmy knew instinctively where Sable’s intentions would take them. She was in full control and had read the tea leaves he left behind for her, literally to the letter. It was about to go down. As the maid and butler began their expeditious exit, Sable-Ann wasted no time heading into her pleasure chamber.

The maid must have read the same tea leaves as Sable-Ann, because before her exit she managed to fill the mistress’s tub with hot water, herbs, and exotic oils. The scents merged as they engulfed the master suite with an alluring perfumed aroma. Sable would appreciate the maid’s gesture later into the night.

On the bed was a long, sheer, powder-pink and black robe with free-flowing ostrich feathers, accompanied by a black satin long gown, with the pink laced slit in it from hell. Old Hollywood glamour. The tags were still attached. She knew instantly that this was all planned and prepped by Lord Percival’s Personal Assistant. However, Sable could have cared less. It worked!

Captivated, she crept towards her doorway, attempting to sneak a peek. She wondered if her dear Lord Jimmy was still standing in the doorway, admiring his forgone conclusion. He was not.

His mission was accomplished. To continue standing in the doorway gawking was not his manner, nor would have been in good taste. Jimmy politely raced over to his private bath for a quick shower to refresh and relax himself. There was nothing to do but carry on. The night, now, belonged to both fate and destiny.




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SCARS & STRIPES FOREVER – A Lady Soldier’s Story…

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