Tagline: “Rangers Lead The Way — But Love Charts A Path… Where Not Even Wolves Would Prey!”

🥀🇺🇸“IGNITED BONES” – The Operation Moonlight Edition🥀🇺🇸
(Military Romance, Saga & Suspense)


🇺🇸Book Cover Model: Mr. Brian Carpenter (Retired Chippendale Entertainer & Fitness Guru to The Stars)🇺🇸

🥀Photographer: Mr. Sean Kahill🥀


Picture it: Aviano, ITALIA 2015.

Amongst the backdrop of a military mission turned total “cluster f^*k”; promises broken; geo-political politics; high-stakes intrigue; airline sky clubs; breathtaking Chicago sunset skyline⸻a powerful saga is resurrects itself! Three kindred spirits endeavor to find their way in the world, and their roles within each other’s lives. Robert (Bobby) Fitzgerald Glenn. Decorated National treasure. Hero. Airborne Ranger. Team Commander. Officer and gentleman. Spearheads this intoxicating book noir….

Major Glenn is a battle-scarred Commander in the U.S. Army; who is primed; locked and loaded, as well as poised for military greatness. Yet, engaged in a desperate personal battle against the growing darkness of that possessive and jealous bitch…” PTSD” … and his broken promise to the love of his life (Sable-Ann). All threatening to splinter the major’s consumed psyche, and nettled soul. Something within the soldier had to give. “Dark Ops Special Operative” and hero…or not!

Privately, sensually dark. A pathfinder with his hands and lips. Spent 6 years of his life in hot pursuit of his cognitive and dark obsession—Mistress Sable-Ann Lacroix. She was the one woman strong enough to go toe-to-toe with him. But her need to dominate him; emasculate him; sends Bobby-Glen away in a frenzy before his need to rule her becomes violently carnal and primitive. However, determined to set his lover straight and slake his needs, he returns to her for a night of no-holds-barred salacious lust. His mindset ran along one parallel line when it came to his Mistress Sable. “Winning her was no longer everything…it was the only thing” ….

Mistress Sable-Ann Lacroix – international Socialite to the world. Debutant. Wealth Management Guru. Shero. Persian Gulf Veteran. Decorated soldier. And one of the most desired and sought-after southern debutants, within the southeastern corridor. There was barely a gentleman left who had not pursued the southern bell’s” hand in marriage, or her consent for a lofty long-term relationship. She declined every plea and inquisition. The beautiful and savvy socialite was holding out for something far more enticing—a life of sensual self-sovereignty and independence….

Enter Lord James Gregory Percival Foxington⸻old world English Viscount. South Carolina (Charleston)gentry and aristocracy. Jet-setting rancor. Niche’ Billionaire. Concealed by a hedonistic interior and yearning at war, within himself. And, of course, in hot pursuit of the mutual prize⸻Mistress Sable-Ann Lacroix’s, hand in marriage …, or at the very least a long-term engagement….

But ardent and tempest thirsts resided deep within elusive enchantress, that could not be quenched by any man…not even two. This was Mistress Sable-Ann’s mantra of life. Come hell or high water! Strap yourselves in tight, as the trio’s story and saga unfold…layer…by unrestrained layer.

Author/Writer J. Z. LUCIANO





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