OLDER MEN…YOUNGER WOMEN – The Age Old Question….

            The time is long over due for establishing genuine and well informed dialogue concerning why younger women date, and have affairs with older men──the myths and truths can only be debunked, interpreted, and clarified the by the men and women who lived the life first hand, of course.  Truth is known──many of these affairs are some of the most balanced, intriguing, intellectually, and physically stimulating affairs and relationships on the planet.  Couples who impudently engage themselves with one another tend to bring enormous dynamics and dichotomies to these unique relationships and pursuits.  The gentlemen are often in great need of fundamentally unconventional and diversified nurturing: like many of their fiscal portfolios. 

In reflecting upon the women who consent to these types of relations the woman tends to become a sharp and detailed oriented ‘brutal taskmasters”: thus forming an alliance of dependability and reliability, however, this should not be interpreted as a negative attribute at all.  Why──you ask.  Instinctively the women who partake in relationships with older men are often confident and re-assured of one very, defining fact──when older men love it is with an unspeakable lascivious passion and respect towards the women who behold the above-mentioned attributes without any leanings towards ambivalence or discriminating infidelity (there are some exceptions to the rules, of course).

            As for society, as a whole, we often interpret and subscribe to the myth concerning older men and younger women.  It is within our nature to pass derogatory or unsustainable judgments towards these types of relations, in many cases.  Why?  The answer is simple: we are on the outside looking in.  Interpretation is easy when you are uninformed of the facts.  Nonetheless, in a very strange way acknowledgement of these judgments seem to give the couple or participants a great degree of intestinal fortitude towards the strengthening and longevity of their union.  Several of the men and women I had the opportunity to interview strongly feel this opens up the “window of opportunity” for the couple to surrender or give into the bliss associated with such powerfully emotional, intellectual, and physically spellbinding fascinations concerning one another.

            For instance, let us take a few moments to reproach Mr. R. Smith’s philosophy towards dating younger women.  He is 64years old; his Mistress is short of 52years of age.  Smith’s “dating rules of engagement’ is simplistic, yet extremely compelling──”never repress anything!”  In Smith’s eyes, “repression is a recipe for mental and emotional disaster!  Older men instinctively, curb their appetites for “capricious consumption”: yet they insist upon repressing their deeper more educed yearnings until this yearning can no longer mentally and emotionally be repressed (sort of like a personal code of silence). Many couples who are active in these dynamic relationships overwhelmingly conclude that this is the resonating force that propels the younger woman and older gentleman together with a vengeance.

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