“BOMBARDMENT” – The Lure of Elicit Firefights (Enigmatic Short)


There is nothing hotter or spicier on this earth than three intellectual neurotics struggling for power over the other!  Every one brings to the table their A-game, and then some.  However, what the LTC across the hall and I missed, or rather chose to overlook while we were overly indulging our every whim with one another was Colonel Kids own personal resolve.  He had the fucking “patience of Job”—–and he would play a wicked game of “Chicken” with the both of us at the end—–which nearly lead to our complete mental and professional ruin!  Moreover, the “Officer and Gentlemen” would be intrepid with his revenge towards us both!  However, in reference to the LTC across the hall the “Full Bird Colonel” would not relent in his determination to remind that soldier of his rightful place—-reminding him to remember the “Cardinal Rule “of engagement when it comes to another Officer’s honor!  We are lucky we both lived through it all! 

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