LONELINESS – Is Only A Place To Start

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One should never…ever…be embarrassed by loneliness—’its simply a place to start”: so I have been told, and lived it…

Some of the worlds most powerful relationships are thought to be suborned by one form of despair or another; from this, so called greatness, beautiful strengths and insights are born.  In many cases powerful social and cognitive unions become forever congruent and fulfilling.  In other words—lonely people—especially those intellectual types—enter into truculent unions out of sheer desperation.  I believe that Thoreau said it best…”The Mass Of Men Live Lives of Quiet Desperation.”

The end result time after time, however, is that a very peculiar pact is formed between two people—making it a very “needful, real, truthful thing!  Never forget that wounded animals are powerfully gregarious: by the laws of human nature. That said—“only a wounded animal can save the other”…because it is only those from these powerful subsets with the know how to do it! 

Do not allow yourselves to despair, from being alone or loneliness…it is simply a mental and emotional launching pad to your greater self, and a greater understand of the types of unions you wish to establish in your life.  Because being alone strengthens your inner being and wisdom.  For me, it was a place of self discovery and self preservation. And that is the place true self happiness, and peace of mind begins to flourish!

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