On a warm summer evening, the Light Colonel met a woman that would become the quintessential ‘game-changer” in his pursuit of a dating partner in crime, so to speak. In other words…’ along came a spider”…Ms. Brown Recluse herself. The mother of a young gentleman he mentored: from time to time, and admired. She was a complete and utter magnetic mystery. He met her, once, by chance. However, how many of us know that in life—there is no such thing: especially when fate is involved? The unsuspecting beauty, though introduced to him by her son, spoke briefly…and paid him absolutely no attention after speaking. Oblivious, the lady Elle had no clue of the fire inside the LTC (Lieutenant Colonel) she very nonchalantly ignited! That Officer was going to get his girl—she was now a primary target of his deeply concealed desires. God help her…because she was, now, up against a force more powerful than nature—a military Officer with a mission and obsession! Damnation…


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