THE BOOK: IGNITED BONES – The Saga Intensifies…. (Special Excerpt)

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Sable-Ann’s Boudoir Looked Like A War-Torn Province Of The Middle Eastern Theatre, As She Laid Passed Out In That Bed…Just An Emotional Hot Mess! Chaos

Sometimes, Salvation Comes For A Girl, In The Form of Fate & Destiny…


Amid Sable-Ann’s chaos and uncertainty came a touch of destiny, James (Jimmy), Percival Foxington IV. The gentleman’s timing could not have been more perfect, to divert her attention. Mr. Foxington was gorgeous, chivalrous, debonair, blue-blooded, and wealthy as they come. He was born and bred in the Mount Pleasant area of Charleston, South Carolina. Many a Carolinian will tell you that area is kind of highbrow. Jimmy was the epitome of the wealthy southern gentry and Charlestonians. The gregarious and charismatic gentleman was known as the quintessential man-about-town. Jimmy stood six feet two inches tall and had stunning hazel-green eyes, a full head of salt and pepper hair, mostly pepper. He was slightly sun-tanned and sported the body of a fucking Greek God.

In addition, Mr. Foxington strolled about town with a most arrogant, confident, and masculine swagger, and he knew it. Jimmy was known in his close social society forgetting and having whatever his heart desired and loved (women, boats, exotic cars, etc.). Ms. Sable-Ann, herself, topped his list of got to have.

On a rainy Thursday afternoon, fate and destiny reared their mischievous heads. Mr. Foxington IV went for it. He called Ms. Sable-Ann late in the evening.

When she answered, “Oh my God, dearest…how are you?” Her voice resonated through the opposite end of the call with her soft, sensual, southern drawl and trill. Jimmy began to breathe more heavily. He loved the country’s trill of her voice when she spoke to him over the phone.

“Hey, Ms. Sable, how are you doing, baby? It’s been far too long. I’ve been missing you, Girl. I just had to call you.”

His swanky Charleston accent made her sweet nectar drip slowly into her warm canal. She caught that old feeling, again. It could not be helped one bit. Something about that man’s voice sent Sable through the roof, which he knew! Why on earth was he calling her? His timin

g was either planned or perfect. The jury was out on either conclusion.
Jimmy cleared his throat slightly. “Well, Hun, you got to minute or two? I would like your full attention just a bit. It’s kind of important.” His voice was soft yet stern, he was very serious.

Sable allowed only a few seconds to elapse before speaking. “Baby…go right ahead. Ask me whatever it is you need to ask me?”

Jimmy could hear a bit of curiosity in that southern drawl of hers. He didn’t waste another second. “Listen, I have fifty-two percent of shares in a small corporation down in South Georgia. I just made the investment this past month. It will need a little of my handiwork if you know what I mean. In addition, I have purchased a small, seven-hundred and forty-nine square acre spread, or rather compound, with a gorgeous west wing, and en suite.”

A pause accompanied by a few short breaths traveled through his phone. There was a very unsettling silence on Sable’s end. “Hun are you there,” he inquired softly and carefully. His heart was now beating ten times faster than before.

“Yes, yes, I am here, and I heard you just fine.”
Jimmy could hear her thoughts struggling to get themselves out of her mouth. Suddenly, Sable-Ann took a deep breath before uttering another word. “I take it you are calling to ask me down, right?”

A nervous chuckle and slight hiss escaped through the earpiece. Inside, however, she was as stunned, as she was curious. Why? What for? Jimmy seemed to always have a manner about him different from her other beaus. It didn’t matter one bit. Her mind was made up during the moment of silence between the two lovers. She was going. (Oh Boy!)


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