“COME AWAY WITH ME” – To Romantic Coves; Places Of Bliss; Majestic Sunrises & Breathtaking Sunsets (Receipts)…

Just as a man could love a stretch of land as if he gave birth to it”—-so can a gentleman love and endear his Water Limo (boat)! That boat represents a psychological and philosophical state of being. That state of being is his….”philosophy of life: which is simply—- the quintessential ideological reasoning for much of the way that life is lived: both professionally and personally. Many of us Cognitive Elitist know it simply as…the “Quid Pro Quo (this for that) euphoric state of living.”


On a light and airy spring night, in March of 2013, William and Jean’ met for dinner—-at the beautiful and elegant Del Fresco’s restaurant. The swanky venue was chosen by William, himself. The gentleman wanted to surprise the unsuspecting beauty with a special dinner out for two. What better place than Del Fresco’s balcony at sunset; in the happening; upscale; and romantic utopia of Atlanta (Buckhead)? The gentleman aimed for pure perfection, on that evening. Because looming in the aura of that balcony and night air was his little hidden secret—which, of course, is why he reserved half the balcony for the evening. The gentleman would leave nothing to chance on that enchanted evening…nothing. William was determined to raise the bar on that night…and raise the bar he would!

To add to all this “pomp and circumstance” a dozen vases of long stemmed pink and red roses— with beautiful



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