COMPARTMENTAL STRANGERS * The Original Arbiters Of NDA’s & Cohabitational Agreements (Abridged EXCERPT)


Coming Fall 2019

The Steamy Romantic Novella Noire

A Little Sultry Ambiance For You…




Later that night it began to rain slightly; the sleeping beauty heard not a thing she had slipped, into such a deep trance until…

The crack of lightning struck hard and strong as it awoke the sleeping beauty, from her deep beautiful trance startled and utterly bewildered! Shortly afterwards, she felt a brawny pair of masculine and strong hands around her waist—at first wondering if it were a dream—–but a deep voice with a rather sexy southern drawl bated her to not be frightened. Because he was there now…back in the apartment with her.

After clarity of thought, and realizing that he was in the room with her again, close to her and by the lady’s side…he had to ask the question.

“Oh my god… How… How long have you been here ?”

“Why… Didn’t you wake me?”

She managed a slight smile but was still shivering from the coolness of the room , as the thunder seem to roll faster and faster. Finally—–she calapsed willfully in the gentleman’s arms. Shaking her head from side to side she looked up at him; as he lifted her chin; eyes blazing ,with curiosity and proposed the question.

“Well what now, hun?”

“Because after my wife found your lipstick on my collar and sleeve…I can’t go back!”

“Auh…plus she knows now that you ain’t no bridge club type…if you know what I mean?”

“Hmmm…I believe those lips prints were a dead giveaway!” The gentleman chuckled, slightly.

“She is beyond furious with me! I will she eva live this down…you know…that I didn’t leave her for a blonde debutante?”

“I left her for the Sista that stole my heart…and breath life into my soul!”

“Well…I’m back here now, girl!”

The gentleman politely stood up and removed his overcoat while placing it across the chair: underneath it his Brooks Brothers shirts and a pair jeans so casual yet he still looked sexy …part gentleman part brawn.
For whatever reason a strange look of quiet and peace raced briefly across his face momentarily. Shortly afterwards all hell broke loose in that room!!!!

“Dammit girl… I can’t fucking stand it anymore… I mean really mean it!”

He raced over to her in an effort to kiss her passionately while sticking his tongue down her throat in counter protest of her insatiable allure! Little could she have known Of the delicious and beautiful insanity festering under that brooks brother shirt— the kind that most women long for privately with their primal thoughts.

“Lie down… He bated her while he forced her softly into place on the bed. “Close your eyes …don’t open them not even once!” “Give them to me now please!” He reached in his back pocket and pulled out his tie he wore earlier that day. The gentleman slowly began to bind her hands together as tightly as he could… Her body began to quake and quiver with both fear and pleasure ,but not once did she attempt to open her eyes… She knew she had to trust him fully: for his quiet desperation could no longer remain quiet!

The more out of sorts the gentleman became the Harder it began to thunder and rain… It was forces of nature clashing with one another in that room! He reached up and grabbed his hair pulling it back: the lady couldn’t see it but he was frantic unable to deny the feelings swelling in and outside of him. Finally—-he snapped and ripped the strings of her silk gown clean from get shoulders exposing her bare and supple torso! Before she could gasp for air… or cry out in fear… He kissed her again re/assuring her that she was still safe and that she could trust him.

He couldn’t help himself …he was now out of himself he knew exactly what needed to happen next—-he had to take and own her in that room, or lose his mind and her respect! Leaning close to here as he ripped open his shirt and laid his hot steamy body up against hers he whispered sternly in her ear. “I’m tired of hearing of the fantasies you dream about and want you are driving me fucking crazy girl!” He kissed her on the neck and shoulders a cold chill ran down her spine; she knew she wanted this but at the same time acknowledging she pushed him far too close to passions edge earlier! His ego couldn’t take it.

With all the force he could muster the southern gent thrusted himself as deep inside her as he could. The hostage was warmly dripping with all types of juices :his heart raced as he felt her walls clamp his hardened member— and against his will and against his principle he lashed out biting her on the neck and upper breast! He couldn’help himself the sensation was far too intense: no way he would be a cool and collect player while trapped so deep in the moment.

On impulse while in the heat of passion he turned her over on her stomach climbing atop her backside as he simultaneously decompressed himself in and out of her warm sweetness until his body became rigid in the breaths became shorter and shorter from his mouth! She moaned in total ecstasy as the vixen egan scratching the sheets and pillows :her red nail sinking into the white pristine sheets!

From there—the excited gent began to kiss her body; slowly up and down; along The lady’s elongated torso ,and down to her beautiful rounded apple bottom hips. She, literally, was out of sort, from the vigorous senstation of Master Kenny’s reprobative assault. What a delicious torment. However…she wasn’t alone.

The out if sorts gentleman kissed her again and again pressing his captives hands on the bed as he untied her hands. This was total bliss! this time his steel horizontal rod was now harder than before thrusting… Thrusting… Thrusting inside her continually and he was like a beast!!! He couldn’t help himself as the perspiration dripped off his face he had to have her like this just this one time! He knew the gentleman in him and his deep affection for her would never allow a sequel to the evenings events—-it was now or never…,feast or famine..,. No gray vareas!

Finally a short scream and escaped h him as he riled off her pulling the vixen close to him…and he would not let go of get for all of thirty long minutes. As he regained control of himself he kissed her again: not passionately or primally but with the deepest sentiment and regard. He tried to keep her compartmentalized, and in prospective. In turn, his love gave the gentleman’s feelings the most receptive quarter. Because, that was the power of love and respect the two lovers held for one another…

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