TAGLINE: “Illusions Are Dangerous People…They Have No Flaws…..


Ladies and gentlemen, I am MSG Lynn Elle Graves (retired) from the United States Army. Myself and my best friend, confidant, and trusted agent have returned home from the war-torn providences of the Middle Eastern theatre. What a time we had…I might add. That woman knows she is something else…but I love it! Learned a great deal from that girl! Some of the shit she taught has gotten me through the rough times, of my life. I am here to narrate the story of my veteran sister (Battle Buddy as we vets like to refer to each other) SFC Stella Ann Kelly; a.k.a. the “Ice-Princess” or “Iron Duchess” in more intimate circles). Unlike traditional love stories or romantic encounters, this is a love story of a very different kind. This love was not destined, it was practically ordained. However, for this love to endure it would have to fight the good fight–waging a type of emotional and mental guerilla warfare between two would be lovers. This was the way it had to be for it to survive. In the end, however, this love had an objective–to live, die, and then to resurrect itself. Nonetheless, the casualties, and collateral damage would live on in each life it touched. A love that nearly killed Bart and Stella in both a literal and emotional sense. Fundamentally, this is the way it had to be for my “battle buddy” –Bart on the other hand was a horse of a different color. The Gentleman was put on that proverbial pedestal, knocked off, then allow to sit there again–only to have life knock him back off again. Still, he never lost much favor with Stella; she always chose to view Bart’s antics through rose-colored glasses. Even if it meant her detriment. Stella always preferred the bite of life over the kiss of it. It was just her way. In a sense Bart and Stella were made for each other, even if they could not stand to be with one another more than 72 hours at a time–which for the rest of us meant just a simple weekend hook-up. You got to luv these two!


At first glance, Stella and Bart was an odd couple of sorts, yet there were peculiar qualities about the couple that made their match complete. In appearance the two lovers could not have been more opposite. Stella is a tall, statuesque woman with a gorgeous mocha complexion—that made one think of a sinfully rich and truculent dessert. Stella is the type of woman who walks into the room and all eyes are immediately on her, because of the woman’s stellar and commanding presence and posture. Some within her tightly woven, and, intimate circle felt that she had a body created for the finer things in life. Stella agreed, of course, with their reviews wholeheartedly. No one ever said that she was modest. The spicy vixen knew, innately, that she exuded confidence accompanied by a smoldering sultry disposition which she used to her advantage, at every opportunity. Stella simply possessed a talent very few women have the pleasure of holding; she could merge feminine and masculine qualities together to produce one deliciously intoxicating and alluring mixture. Because of this refined talent, suffice it to say this Iron duchess was never in a shortage of would-be suitors.

Stella was by no means a lightweight when it came to sparring for power, and true to form, this woman would only entertain the company of Corporate America’s most powerful and successful eligible single men, and unhappily married professionals. Her philosophy, when it came to married men, was simple…it’s cheaper to keep her, and vice versa. This was, often, the unspoken code between her and would-be suitors. The distinguished gentlemen hidden on her “crack berry” and little black book adored and admired her for it; some literally salivated at the thought of a woman sharing their more masculine dating “rules of engagement”. Among her steadier beaus this was a featured attraction.

As for Bart, his sleek masculine statue of a body was always camouflage by his shark suits—but oh what lay underneath all detailed tailoring. Being a marathon runner—his body was ripped and cut to the point of zero body fat, literally. Bart’s skin was a smooth as butter—with a gorgeous olive tone. The salt and pepper hairs on his chest laid softly close to his beautiful and sexy body. Often, he would like his lips slowly until they dripped with moisture from his long… long tongue. To his credit—what he lacked in traditional southern breeding, he made up for in financial power and professional charisma. In addition to his charm and a beautiful set of piercing hazel green eyes, he had those that made women think carnal thoughts before they were able to catch themselves. The verdict was in from the word go…they were an extremely attractive duo. However, that is not the law of physical attraction that drew the two would-be lovers to one another. Many of the couple’s colleagues and intimate acquaintances, on the outside of this fiery mix, concluded that the common thread between this odd couple was not only the fact that they were two of a kind, but they were what would be called by a polite society, modern day libertines.

Bart possessed the uncanny and innate ability to draw Stella out of her carefully constructed comfort zone to a place where few of us dare to embark mentally: down that dark and perilous path for that electrically charged sexual fantasy, and the sensually narcissistic power associated with it (most intellects know this as capricious consumption). This desire…no…unbridled need to experience everything with an unrestrained type of attitude and aptitude slowly hurdled the couple into a fantastic world of erotic and exotic exploration the likes of which neither Bart nor Stella had ever experienced in either of their lifetimes…literally. This revelation only served as catalyst for pushing the proverbial envelope as far to the outer limits as possible.



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