“ANGELIC FIENDS” – The Paranormal Purgatory Of Carnal Beasts & Their Reprobative Fallen Angels Alternative Ending (Blurb Sample)


It was a gloomy, cold, and mundane November day; when Jean’ Lichele’ sat behind the counter of her bookstore. Completely unaware of how her life was about to change: in the, very, near future. The customers were buzzing about the shop’s nooks and crannies like little-lost children; enchanted by the store’s holiday décor: and spectacular new book banners—spread all about the shop. The patrons were attempting to pick those wonderful literary works to comfort themselves during the fall, and winter’s cold weather days and nights. As the shop’s owner…. Jean’ delighted in the fact of how busy the store was: on that day (cha-ching)! Suddenly, a young man dressed in black and fascia emerged from the on set and downpour of rain; lightning; and thunder! A few seconds after his arrival the phone rang. It took Jean’ four rings before she picked up the phone. “Hello…is this Jean’ Lichelle’s Book Emporium”…. A very raspy and masculine voice inquired on the other end? Elle waited five or six, good, seconds before she answered the gentleman on the other end. “Why yesses…. this is Ms. Lichele’. How may I help you, Sir?” She paused with impatience and anticipation for an answer. “Have you received the package to you via carrier, yet? I trust the young man has arrived from our private carrier?” The gentleman, with the deep, southern voice inquired to Jean’. I’m with the Sinclair Corporation Madame, and the lead counsel for Mr. Michael Franklin Maximillian Sinclair III⎯⎯our Chairman of the Board. Jean’s jaw nearly dropped to the ground. “Ohhhh…my goodness” …. she yelled into her little blackberry phone!” Please Miss…. Take the package from the young man, and read its instructions. Also, inside is my business card and private call back number. I shall await your response.” Before Jean’ could even begin to respond the councilor swiftly hung up on his end. This indeed would turn out to be quite the morning call for Jean’…. That damn call left her utterly bewildered, apprehensive, and badly shaken! But that was nothing compared to the Truama that was to come.

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