“The sweetness of doing nothing!” The Italians know this as two things—Dolce Vita and Dolce Fan Niente. Con Il Gesto, of course! (meaning with the hand gestures).

Both represent a type of love of life; living and experiencing life; with a more enthused and bold intrepidness!

A woman, of the world, knows that she can’t cruise the “Pacific Coast Highway”; dine at “Dukes’s” for lunch; while stopping to shop at the world famous, “Diana’s Swimwear”, without journeying on to “La Brissa’s” for swanky libations, and five star entrees…to dance on her tongue. She knows…along with that amazing dining experience…there will be a spectacular sunset! A woman of the world hasn’t lived; until she has witnessed Laguna Beach sunsets…up close and person!

I, took this fabulous picture after we all finished dining at La Brissa’s! It turned out to be quite the moment for me. Since I were a little girl, on my Father’s knee, I felt that this world class babe had seen as much of the world, as I possily could. The sunset at Laguna changed my world view that day…actually it rocked it! It was truly a sobering and special moment for me. Surreal or not…of course…I felt I deserved it. I believe our entire entourage felt just as breathless.

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