LITTLE GIRLS… “Y’ALL AIN’T BEEN COURTED- Until You Have Been Courted By A Cupcaking Marine…


“IF MUSIC BE THE SONG OF LOVE…PLAY ON!” ( William Shakespeare)


Ladies… you are never too old or yoo. You cannot date in this era with delusional feelings AND expectations. That makes dating more of a task…than an adventure. Most, gentlemen do not care about the —over saturated dating pool— they love funny up front: and of course, continual teasing of his cognitive and philosophical ideologies. Now…not all men are as confident and brazen, as this Marine. However, they need to feel that sting, and soft kit glove ever so often. If you are dating…never forget…that you attract what you put out! Marine or no Marine stay above that bell curve in dialogue and conversation! Again, remember that the next adventure…is just over the horizon. I suggest you taunt and tackle fate and destiny.


Just when I thought I had seen, heard, and watched it all— here comes the first “cupcaking” Marine I have ever witnessed…in my lifetime! This one had those few drop kisses and slate blue eyes that looked as if they were straight out of a Joan Collins novel. Damn….

This boy was so funny and clever. He was mentally and tenaciously airborne before we were able to order our cocktails. Please…let me state for the record…the LZ (Landing Zone) was piping hot!

Oh…he was smooth, charismatic, charming, and engaging. He had every woman, within earshot, drueling…literally! I tried to play coy, and keep my real opinions and emotions Tight to the Vest. That darn Marine looked over at me with a pair of snake-eyes and gave me a little wink. He leaned forward slightly, and spoke all of his mind. He said, in a very, commanding voice— riddled with that southern thrill, and deference….”sugar don’t worry I promise I am not here to bust your bustle.” His smile lit up our entire section. My response was swift and smooth…afterall…that’s what a real Marine and Navy Seal would expect. I leaned in real close…winked…and through my head back. I said boy….you need not worry, because this bustle is made of leather and steel! Oh my God…what did I say that for? He began laughing most spiritedly. Just plain elated.

Well, long story short, Mr. MARINE jumped up March himself over to my side; slowly picked up my hand; kissed with a slight squeeze; did an about face and sat himself back down. Laughing like crazy he said…”Dammit girl I was expecting a low caliber bullet you in here throwing hand grenades!” All the while he was shaking his head chuckling. I simply winked again, and warned him to mind himself, because I had a little napalm just waiting! “Oh…the Army girl came prepared for battle tonight didn’t she?” I had to take a quick drink of “sister big drawers”….my Rusty Nail. I needed some backup courage.

Long story short, he ended up being a great guy, and firecracker! He wanted more, but I couldn’t relocate to South Carolina. Our hearts were broken

…not shattered. We still keep in touch here and there. Which is a good thing

That said…you see ladies it is time to re-engage yourselves to the dating scene. Afterall, your next adventure is sitting there waiting on you…just over the HORIZON!๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‹

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