MR “COGNITIVE ELITIST” – The 12 Steps To Successfully Dating Above His “Bell Curve” (Abridged Chapter Sample)


The “Cognitive Elitist”—according to the, very controversial and intriguing, 1994 book titled “the Bell Curve” was quoted and described as a very special and peculiar type—“having higher intelligence levels, and thus better prospects for success in life.” This meant more so than the Average Joe, of course! Yet, so true of those Elitist types.


To understand “Mr. Cognitive Elitist” you must understand his reliance on his own intelligence and experiences in life. These types (especially when dating) are hyper introverted emotionally and mentally. Socially, however, these cognitive elites are the absolute opposite—total extroverts! I believe the mild to severe narcissism within him along with an intrepid ego makes this peculiar balance a necessity. These attributes evolved out of his inability, early in life, to protect himself from exposure of his vulnerabilities and what he considers failures : because of his desire to please everyone(consummate diplomatic). Bare in mind, always, that these personalities consistently think abstractly and strategically: even as they sleep(constant life evaluator)! That said—once this gentleman and scholar becomes aware of the true strength of his psychological paradigm…he becomes an all to powerful intellectual, emotional, and in some ways physical hunter! He never hunts for the kill—just for the adrenal rush, and thrill. What does that mean exactly to the opposite sex, or rather his lust or love interest—for that matter? Simple—they are in for an relationship with great longevity: provided the woman plays her cards correctly. Remember…he is in it for the rush—that mental and emotional stimulant. Intellectual types, like Mr. Cognitive Elitist, needs social and mental stimulation…like the trees need water! If you want to suborn this gentleman’s attention and intrigue I suggest you play the game from the outer edges of the quintessential “bell curve”—because that is the only place the strong will survive with this gentleman and scholar—and whatever you do ladies…bring your “A-Game” please!

About that A-Game?


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