“THUNDER IN NIGHT” – The Enchantment, Appetence & Decadence Between Tempest Lovers…(Abridge Short Story)



Mr Brown sat on his porch, that lonesome evening, rocking slowly in remembrance of her—-the lost one (his love of life).

The gentleman tilted his head back against the padded headrest—eyes closed shut from the pain—as the onset of the thunder in the night jogged his memory, yet again. The loneliness seemed almost too much to bear, but he gave it the “Ole College” try (being a jock and all): unfortunately it was to no avail! The gentleman couldn’t help, nor keep himself from reflecting upon that one evening—that chaotic and thunderous night so many moons ago—-that infamous night—- he both possessed and lost her (his Elle): for what seems an eternity. That magnificent creature, of a woman, was the object of his affections back then—now turned object of his “obsessions—but with good reason. Elle (his obsession) was the one who got away, but not without leaving her her trail of mass destruction. It simply wasn’ her way. No…Brown’s obsession left emotional and psychological scars for the duration. Brown could have cared less—-he loved from a place that had lain dormant, within him for years. Pain or no pain…Elle or no Elle…he was alive again! In Mr Brown’s eyes that was “priceless”, and tangible. He both knew and understood that it wasn’t all Elle’s fault——a free and unchained spirit the likes of hers could never…ever be contained by just one man. This revelation only served as a constant reminder of her—along with the a truth he dared himself to never face…he couldn’t contain her…no matter how much he loved her!

As the rain began to fall faster, accompanied by a bit of lightening and thunder, Brown’s heart pounded with tenseness and desire—he ssssoooo wanted that woman back in his grasp. Moreover, he longed to have her in his life —which he knew wasn’t written in the stars for the would be lovers…ever again! Unfortunately, all Mr Brown could possibly conjure, at that place and time, was to daydream, mentally reflect, and softly whisper to himself quietly—-as if she (Elle) were there next to him, again. As Brown began to succumb to his loneliness and reality he began to close his eyes and resurrect his conversation from that last night: with his long lost love. The forbearance and acknowledgement of what he had lost forced Brown to speak as if she were there, by his side, again. Lawd…bless his poorleeding heart!

“I found you on the back porch, when I arrived home…you were barefoot—looking over the the back varanda into nothingness it seemed—-with a glass of that really dry red wine in your hand as drops of it tipped over into the Georgia soil down underneth. Uh, Oh…I began to think to myself. This must’ve been a really rough day, like a lot of them recently. A job search will do that to you, I suppose, with all that hope and fear of rejection…all at once. Sort of like dating, I mused. I slid up next to you and gave you a nice supportive hug on the side, followed by a full on hug as you turned into me. You really needed a hug, I could tell. In the back drop of the mountain peaks hung the raindrops—–accompanied by the on coming thunder of the night—with the impending chaos that would tear our lives completely apart!” Mr Brown’s eyes weld with salted tears—which slowly descended onto his cheeks—dropping off at the cliff of his chin. He was so distraught and overwhelmed…but his thoughts never wavered—Elle was all over the place in his thoughts

“It didn’t go well, huh?” I said, not really a question. You just nodded and held up your wine glass in a mock toast. You turned to me with that, all to famliar, look of angst. “I could tell by the look in that bastard’s eyes that I was too old for what he wanted. His EAs (Executive Assistants) are gonna be eye candy, I can tell…I just fucking know. It!” You stopped for a sip of wine and continued—-long Auburn tresses just dangling over the slope of your broad and beautiful shoulders. “I could run his fuckin’ department but I can’t get a job as a goddam secretary ’cause my tits aren’t perky enough! Fuckin’ Pigs…” “How much of that bottle have you had?”, I asked. “Too damn much…yet not enough—yah think!” Uuuuuhhh…not enough, but it’s empty and we’re out! And I may be drunk, but I’m not too drunk not to know when not to drive…guess you get your wish…huh!” I marveled at how a drunk could come up with that syntax, but that’s just a part of why I loved you. I knew, emphatically, back then…that you were just that…”the one”—-only works, however, if we both know it. No matter how I marvel at your near, naked silhouette, it was time to get you indoors where you would be safe and secure from the on coming bad weather. Wish like hell I had just let you be…truly I do!

“C’mon inside, Miss Perky Breasts ”…I said, “Don’t let that asshole get you down.” You just gave me a wan smile—accompanied by that snarky pout of yours. “You only said that because I let you sex me to my proverbial limits Mr Brown…and you do it well for that matter!” Your gaze was too much after that retort. There was no way I was gonna leav3 you with the last word on that issue…no way! “Oh that’s not true. Well not entirely… There’s that whole sucking and licking part, too.” You went completely silent, for a moment. I certainly hoped this was the right tact – it’s hard to know sometimes whether repartee will cheer you up or make you mad as all get out, and even harder when you’ve been drinking. But I knew by the way you were salivating at the mouth you were gonna drop another sting—-I prepared myselfmentally. “Sucking costs extra, you know.” I smiled as I realized that I had chosen wisely. “So do mustache rides, dear. Don’t you want a new career in asset accounting?” You finally gave me a real smile as you said “I got your assets right here” cupping your breasts as you fell into me for a kiss—-which I believed I needed more than yourself. However, this was not about me…it was about you, my love.

You tasted of red wine, but you seemed genuinely grateful to me for picking up your spirits. I reached around and held you tight until you were ready to release it. “I’m never gonna be 25 again…you know. I’m never gonna be a fuckin’ Barbie Doll, either.” your proud head never dropped. “Thank God” I said. “Who wants to hang around with nubile nymphs that chase after surfers in ragtop jags and Camaros? I’d rather have an experienced nymph that lusts after executives in Audi’s and shark suits…Armani or Tom Ford…preferably.” “Asshole…you called me!” But you smiled as I poked at our inside joke. “Oh baby, I think your tits are plenty perky—at least from where Um standing. And you know how to do so much more than just shake them…” Brazenly, I forcefully pulled you into another kiss that melded into a swaying hug, the two of us just holding each other for the sake of our company. My masculine member was at full attention, that moment was complete and utter sensual bliss! I had to keep them comimg—you were so spoiling me: upset or not! At that point I could not tell who was needing whom!

“I need to sit down” you said, sounding a little woozy, so we stepped over to the swing that was wide enough for both of us and plopped down. I put my arm around you and your head dropped to my shoulder—directly in the cut…so to speak. It didn’t matter, because I loved it…and you. We began to listened to the sound of the wind kicking up through the trees and watched the bats come out and feed in the twilight. I felt the chill of fear on your arms from the audience of bats. I pulled you closer in an effort to keep you focused and calm…it wasn’t easy. “Feels like we may get some rain”, I said. You just nodded as we swayed gently in the swing while the wind continued to whip up. “C’mon babe, let’s go inside.” But you just sat there, unmoving and unresponsive to my slight tugs. “I want to stay out here. I like the rain. It makes me feel alive and alert.” “You wanna get wet? The wind’s blowing right into us.” “I don’t care. What difference does it make?” So we rocked some more, and I could hear the rain coming, a steady march of sound as the drops hit the leaves of the trees to the south. And then it began to spatter on us, a bit chilly even in the warm air of summer. You finally began to completely decompress as the raindrops fell faster and faster—stinging our skin with a strange type of magic.

The first drops were like a transformation on you, a magic elixir that brought you out of your stupor and cleared your head a bit. But it was the first peal of thunder that seemed to bring you alive. I felt you grip me as if you were afraid, but I quickly realized that it was excitement (should’ve known better). You slowly pulled yourself up to my lips, and as we met another rumble in the distance lit a fire in your kiss that seemed to sear us both! Talk about electric shock treatment. I think it caught us both by surprise, and you pulled back and looked me in the eyes—thevglare nearly penetrated my soul. The third roll of thunder pushed you over the edge, and you attacked my face with a vengeance. For as long as I had been with you before that, I’d never seen such a huge transformation in you so quickly. Your lips were locked on mine and your hands forcefully grabbed the hair on the back of my head, twisting and pulling with gusto. My desire surged as well, with my teeth grabbing your lower lips and my tongue stabbing and playing with yours as we let emotion wash over at the same time the rain did. It was spectacular, and I want more of it!

Our hands naturally began to get into the act, and I started to feel up those round mellons you call breast: that you had lamented not half an hour earlier. By now our clothes were getting pretty damp, so you took command to stand us up and strip off your blouse and bra, then my shirt, with the clothes winding up tossed in a pile against the door to the “Master Suite”. “DAMMIT GIRL”…were the only words I allowed to escape my lips—playing it close and safe with you. We embraced again, standing up now, with the warmth of our skin to skin contact feeling wonderful compared to that being rained on. And then the rain just stopped, and we separated a bit to feel the night air surround our damp bodies. Your twinpeaks were definitely perking up now, and so was I. I leaned my head down to take a nipple in my teeth and pulled gently while a free hand started massaging and kneading the other breast. We sort of fell against the porch railing for support to hold us up as you ran your fingers through my hair and I worked your tips into a frenzy. You dropped your hands to my torso to start your own massage therapy, and it wasn’t long before we were both heating up rapidly. I dropped my hands and attention to your waist to unfasten your jeans—then slid them down with your beautiful lacy panties to join the other clothes in the pile. Next, I reciprocated as I did the same for my pants, socks, shoes, and underwear. It’s a great thing to live in the country where you can get naked on the porch (or the front yard, for that matter) without worrying about neighbors watching. And there we stood, heating up as everything else, around us, cooled down.

Cleared of clothes in our way, we had another long groping embrace. Our hands wound up inevitably in each others deeply private spaces. Your hands grasped my six pack and hard member with those long red fingers and nails—then you pulled me closer to you. I watched the perspiration and raindroplets bead up on your silhouette forcing me to attempt to gratify myself, slightly. Before long, the intense sensation brought me to full hardness in no time. My fingers reached down to do a little exploration and I was surprised to find the white water rapids awaiting me—you were drenched already – and not from the rain. Grabbing me by my “handle”, you led me out into the yard, toward the tree swing. We loved that tree swing – our swing-and-a-half that’s easily big enough for two kids to sit side by side on the board. For the adults, it’s big enough we can snuggle up tight and still fit, or kind of spoon with one sitting inside the tight knees of the other. The giant red oak is plenty strong even for an adult that could fill the entire seat. That swing has lots of possibilities that we have explored, but this was the first time I’ve l

Turning me around and pushing me back onto the swing, we leaned into the swing, letting the ropes push backwards…..

…I sincerely hope that you—the reviewer—has truly enjoyed this paarticular chapter sample. It was written with the intrigue of viewer in mind.

(Intellectual Property of JZavoris Luciano)

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