“WINTER CAPTIVES” – Submission & Lust During The 2nd Metro-Atlanta Artic Blast (Book #8 Pre-edit & Abridged Version)


“And So It Is…That Both The Devil and The Angelic Spirit Present Us With Objects Of Desire—TO AWAKEN OUR POWER” ,inwardly…of course! They call me the “Lady Elle”—many refer to me as the quintessential “Wild Thing“—from D.H. Lawrence’s poem. I, of course, agree with their assessment: whole heartedly. This one affair of hearts I had to tell myself—we became the very best of friends—then amazing lovers…for life! I’m a commitment phoebe, beyond any shadow of doubt. Well—what can I say? That old soldier in me has made me emotionally tough and resilient. However—love is like history…it evolves…lucky for me. “You gotta be a warrior type to understand that!”

“I never met a “Wild Thing” feeling sorry for itself. A bird will fall frozen from its bough—without ever feeling sorry for itself”—D.H. Lawrence. This means a great deal to us “G.I. Jane types”…indeed!


As we slept (all of Georgia’s sons and daughters) that infamous Sunday night ,in February, the second arctic blast spread across Georgia like a runaway freight train—it fell over our houses, buildings, Roads, and waterways! Even our peach orchards, with its beautiful white veil of lacy flakes, had the appearance of a wonderful winter wonderland. Only—this time—we Georgians were prepared for war! We would not be snowed in without a fight! During the night I had fallen into another one of those deep winter night trances. In doing so, I temporarily, ignored the impending peril barreling towards the sides of the Blue Ridges of Georgia. Unbeknownst to us all, behind the snows beautiful lacy veil were thousands of icy daggers.

Those sharp and jagged edged “weapons of destruction” were bound and determined to stab the ridges to death. Not realizing it, at first, the beautiful veil of snow had begun to leave in her path hundreds of helpless victims—too stubborn to leave their sumptuous and lofty mountain retreats! However—in l, reference to my own resolve and survival—I would not be claimed by Mother Nature’s icy bitch…well…at least not without having to fight the good fight. No—I’m afraid the Lady Elle (Me) had a “trusted agent” on her team that day! This gentleman and rogue (in a good way) was one of Georgia’s very own national guardsman , and National hero. Beyond any fear of reproach, I believe that in his mind that his resolve for my safety was simple. Nothing was gonna happen to me—Not On His Watch! Little could, either of us, have suspected how much that resolve and gallantry would impact our lives intimately! It all began rather abruptly: with the first blanket of beautiful snow.

“Ring…Ring…Ring”—went the little Smartphone under my pillow…surprised the signal was able to get through. “Hello”—I said in a, very, sleepy and raspy voice. I recognized the voice on the other end immediately—it was that trusted agent and confidant of mine. “Hun… Auh…You need to come down off the side of that mountain…now…and I mean right the hell now!” A frown of discernment descended upon my face: as I struggled to retain his warning, mentally. I immediately and swiftly jumped from my bed to run to the back door. Trusted Agent number one—could hear me struggling to unlock the door—yet he waited patiently—as I gained a full visual of the unsuspecting deadly white veil. The side of the mountain was covered, in layers of snow—it was surreal.

“Holy shit”—I recanted! “Baby there has to be four inches on the ground, already!” I pulled my hair back, as I cupped my cell phone in my neck—all in an effort to pull my curly tresses into a ponytail. “Elle…hun…how long will it take you to pack a bag?” Another frown of dismay descended upon my face, but with a little folly accompanying it. “Uh…soldier here baby…I packed my bags last evening—just in case!” I could hear him chuckling like crazy. “I might have known…Good Girl”—Allan (the confidant and trusted agent) recanted: with a voice riddled in southern drawl and sensual headiness! Now get the hell off the side of that mountain…right the hell now!” My response to him was very simple, and to the point. “Copy That Baby!” I was not getting stuck for another week long—like I did during the first artic blast: that hit Georgia!

Within thirty minutes the cabin was secured, and I was out the door! My exodus off the side of that mountain was nothing short of a small epic battle and scrimmage! However, I won that battle! The Lady Elle had to rely heavily on those old Army skills of survival—because in the end those skills proved to be paramount! They assisted me towards getting to interstate 575, safely and expeditiously! “Oh Lawd”…Interstate 575 looked like spring break: at Fort Lauderdale! We were all headed the same direction, and at 15 mph…honking like crazed co-ed’s, on spring break! But this situation was far more dire. It was imperative for us mountain folks to get to safety, and as far away for the ridges, as possible!

Now, at that slow a speed I began to wonder if I would ever get to Canton Georgia: but by the “sheer grace of God” ,on that day… I did! Finally—I made it to the “Governor’s Reserve’s” posh snow covered subdivision where Mr. Trusted Agent was anxiously awaiting my arrival: in full military battle dress. As I turned into the drive he, quickly, waltzed out the front entrance—slowly posting himself on the stoop (soldier in him). I smiled to myself: with intrigue and adulation. I suddenly started feeling a little like Scarlett O’Hara, but only in a small sense. Sometimes, in life, rather good or bad…we have to learn to live in those moments—that morning was one of them! I pulled into the drive, and up into the garage. I parked next to the all terrain vehicles, left the car running, and ran around to the front entrance where Allan stood awaiting for me. There he was all smiles—hair all covered in tiny snow flakes melting on him.

“Welcome beautiful”…First Sargent Stanton (Allan) said as his eyes sparkled through those wired rimmed glasses of his. “We better get you inside, and out of this mess.” He politely wrapped my arm in his, and graciously escorted me up the steps—from the stoop…and from there…into the foyer of his masculine and huge decorated chalet. Before I was given the, million dollar, tour of his home the gentleman and soldier assisted me out of my travel gear: always the consummate southern gentleman. Simultaneously, the red cheeked “First Soldier (an old Army term) kissed me on my bare and exposed neck. I declare—First Soldier lit me up like a hot de-militarize zone! And the LZ (land zone) was already heating up to a sizzling red hot—no exaggeration of thought there. Fate and destiny were fast at work, on that day.

Think about it—all of these dramatics were taking place in the mist of the impending storm outside the doors of the manor (the second Artic Blast). Nonetheless, the gentleman was just as giddy as I was, but in a manly man sort of way. He grabbed me by the hand started to ask me about my drive down, but was interrupted by his military “crack berry” phone. “Oh boy”…We both said aloud sarcastically! “That’s Top (The Sergeant Major over the Georgia National Guard)…wonder what he wants.” I stood there in a cold shiver, because I knew, instinctively, what that call meant. The call only lasted for a little while, but I surmised that a great deal of task-mastering went on between those two war horses. No doubt—I was correct in my summation!

I said not a single word: only observed his changed demeanor, and tone of voice. As First Soldier hung up the crack-berry from “Top” his eyes met mine. “I gotta report sweetie …we are all being activated immediately by the Governor, himself—every abled body and man must report by tomorrow at zero dark thirty! For now, however, I have to man the phones—need get everybody in on time. “I’m so…so sorry, Hun!” I smiled and responded quickly to his feeling sorry or worried about me acquiring and bad feelings. I kissed his forehead as I began to squeeze his hands, tightly. Tilting my head slightly I remarked very sternly that…“Georgia needs all of her able sons and daughters today—You are no different!” The southern belle in me began to lay my hands on his shoulders: to both steady and focus him on my voice. “Go make us all proud…me especially”—I resounded with glee and pride in my voice. Well…okay perhaps a little mischief was hidden somewhere within in my response!

My instincts were beckoning my emotional intel to awaken itself— because unscrupulous “risky business” definitely was touring about the manor. The soldier in him could not help himself: as he looked at me with such contentment and surprise. Allan was quite taken by my remark, and willingness to understand. I don’t know why? I’m a soldier and patriot—will bleed on the red stripes of “Ole Glory” to keep her flying! Smiling still, he turned to run up the spiral staircase in front of us to finish prepping for duty. “I gotta change shirts, hun…you are welcome to come on up with me—hell you might as well!” My heart raced, as my spider sensors went into full “SCOUNDREL ALERT“—I loved it…as did he! Because—not once did that damn soldier, and pride of Georgia apologize for it! No…he rather reveled in his thoughts. Allan darted up those spiraling stairs as he darted straight for the Master’s Suite. I was left to come or not come up to join him: as if I were a part of the manors daily occupants—and the defacto “Lady of the Manor”. I couldn’t believe what was happening (the respect and gesture that is)! It’s fair to state, without fear of reproach, that this lady was both happy and relieved.. I was truly safe.

I followed in slow hot pursuit up the beautiful staircase—had to take my own time. Because, Ms Scarlet (Me) needed to take in every detail of the grandeur—gilded, beautiful, and of course, amazing, manor. She reminded me of old time traditions forgotten, and fading from our lifestyles. That chalet begin to feel like a little taste of heaven, itself. God—-if I only could have known what was laying itself ahead of me? Living in the moment, however, I could not. I was meticulously and strategically being pulled into the layer of the dragon—without protest I might add. It seemed I was caught in the clutches of Mother Nature, Human Nature, and curiosity. What southern belle, do you know of, could have ever resisted those forces? Not A single One?

Winking…the First Soldier stuck his head out the door of his Master Suite—politely signaled for me to follow him into the Master’s suite—I did as he commanded. Slowly, I waltzed and sashayed into the room like the grand Lady and southern belle I knew that I could be. I swear— it never fails—men love it!

Now—I was the true or rather defacto ‘Lady of the Manor”, for the duration of the artic blast (total litmus test). I sat at the edge if his huge; canopy; king sized Rice bed: watching him prepare for duty. Suddenly, and very purposely he peeled off his, military grade, t-shirt because it felt too small (yeah right). “Lawd…my eyes could not believe what they were witnessing!” Of course, with a bit of amusement and curiosity along with it. What red blooded Georgia peach wouldn’t? As far as I was concerned I was now standing in the presence of a God and warrior—things were looking up! It was something quite extraordinary going on between the walls of that boudoir!

There they were—muscles protruding off of every extremity of First Soldier’s decadent body—you could eat an entire entrée off his abs, alone! Thinking to myself, I stated in my silent alter ego’s voice…”Now There Goes A Lean Mean Fighting Machine!” And true to form that soldier became tickled by my moment. He, boldly, inquired about what it was I was thinking so quietly to myself…and that I needed to share my thoughts with him. I shook my head in protest, profusely, to that notion! “No, hun…these harlot thoughts will be well kept and guarded—unless they are tortured out of me: at some point later on”…I resounded in a deep sensual voice—dripping in the drawl of the Blue Ridges (slow and long). He could not help himself…that gentleman’s laughter resonated throughout the upstairs manner’s acoustic ceilings. But what stood there in front of me seemed liked a Lady’s private and wet dream! It took all mental strenth to remain composed there in front of Top Soldier. I knew he was leading me to a place. It took nothing for me to come to the realization that…it was ime to flip that script”…into my favor fast and with slight of hand, so to speak. I did by appealing to every southern gentlemen’s weakness…his sense of chilvary! He knew, by e look in my eyes I had decided to fight back. Being the Top soldier that he was that rascal in him decided to temp fate. He turned as if to kiss me, but did not—instead he ripped off thst snug little military tee—with the look of a carnivorous and primal animal!

“SWEET MOTHER OF JESUS!” That boy was a hairy, sexy, freaking beast! For a man of plus fifty…his body was that of a 40 year old man. I was on my feet in one point two seconds (off the Rice bed). “Dammit Boy—-Now that’s a visual too woman live for”…I chuckled! A part of me wanted to turn backward flips and pirouettes: but my better judgment kept me calm, steadied, and more collected. “Well…I think I had better wait for you downstairs…don’t you?” my voice was so low, because I could barely muster a sound after that damn visual began to sink itself in! The Master of the manor…so to speak…took his time waltzing over to me—posting himself deeper into my personal space. There are times, mentally, when I am still trapped in that one moment, especially when it snows. First Soldier knew exactly what he was doing: in those few moments of mysteriousness and dramatic intrigue.

Allan, or rather First Soldier, said not a word—the glare and snarky smirk on his face said it all: before he uttered a single word. “Hun…you are here for a good bit…I suggest you take a moment to collect your thoughts…and I mean all of them—then pull it together!” This new voice was not the request voice—this was his “Command Soldier Voice”—beyond any doubt I heeded the order! He pressed his hard body slowly against mine: in an effort to hug, and pull me closer him (with literally zero breathing room). I believe the heat from both our bodies shut off the furnace…just saying. If nothing else, we melted the snow and ice on all the bedroom windows. He rubbed his exposed flesh— and curly tight salt and peppered tresses—on his chest against me. My loins ached from just the longing—my knees slightly buckled. The God standing there before me caught the descending slight fall, and pulled me deeper into him (so I could hear his heart beating). His voice became raspy, softer, yet dripping with desire. In a hushed whisper he managed to speak. “Dammit Girl…I think we are about to melt the mountain peaks up here in north Georgia!” It was at least two to three minutes before Allan released me from the capture of his embrace, and sensual capitulation. “You are not my guest here girl…I have you hear with me for two reasons, specifically—for you to be safe and secure—ladt but not least I want you to be the “Lady Of The Manor…my manor!” Top Soldier gave my shoulders a tight squeeze of assurance, and lsid in to give me a kiss. That kiss hit my LZ with nothing short of ariel bombardment…I swear it! I could barely hold myself steady, but managed with the little mental and emotional Wherewithal I could muster. Finally, he released me, as his erect member stood at full “attention” Its both a blushing moment, and clearifying one…for that matter. “Lord…it was on and poppin” in that damn swanky ass subdivision.”

“Whew!” What a very emotionally charged few moments, and trying…for that matter (in a good way)! I don’t know why, but I felt a bit relieved to be out of captivity. I guess mainly due to my emotions darting all over the place. No matter the intensity of the moments that vision in my L.O.S. (line of sight) never paused for a second. “Trust me…you will get use to the visuals…I shall see to that”…First Soldier recanted with another husky sensual and raspy southern drawl. That freaking boy always…always…knew what I was thinking, instinctively! Shivers raced over my body—preparing the road for the millions of Goosebumps that came barreling upon my skin. Before I could respond, verbally, those brawny hands of his were securely around my waist, and his tongue slowly began to pierce my slightly pouting and pursed lips—of course, I pulled myself together with a quickness! I could not give him total quarter of my mind or body—sort of a soldier’s last stand…in the moment (it would be short lived). No “southern belle” I know would, attempt, to do any less. Besides—this was a litmus test (sensually and emotionally) for us both. What better place than a close quartered swanky chalet—nestled at the top of the hill—away from prying eyes, curious neighbors, and peaked” ears. Really surprise the snowcapped mountains of Georgia didn’t start to meltdown in those few moments—that we were in his master suite! I Really…I am.

As the First Soldier began to stick his tongue down my throat…I gasped for air. He pulled himself away from my lips with what I thought was a type of self force (he wanted longer). With my red lips cooling and still puckered, he tilted my head slightly with his free hand: never allowing me to escape his siege of my lips and body completely. Slowly the soft wet kisses began to descend down the side of my face and checks, the curve of my neck—then onto my shoulders (those Goosebumps were now on a road march all over my body). To break the momentum I grabbed the side of his face with my hands, and pulled him deeper into my, so called, twin peaks…wasn’t gonna play fair. By this time the room began to burn with a heady red hot fire, and smoldering sensuality which pierced us both(it was not from the fireplace)! We pulled our bodies away from each other—only to collapse into each others arms further. But being the “can do soldiers” we knew we could be—-Allan and I established mental and emotional clarity. Thus briskly tarring each other from the powerful embrace. The moment was just too tense; something had to give—–us!

After a few quiet seconds of staring at each others silhouettes—Allan cupped the side of my face with his, huge, hand. I went to speak, but the gentleman simply would not allow it. “SSSSSHHHHHH….just listen to me hun…for a second”—I did as requested. “First you are going to go down to the cellar and do a little shopping, so to speak. A frown raced upon my face: accompanied by a bit of confusion. I was wondering what type of shopping could I possibly do at the manor? Allan chuckled at the dismayed and confused look in my eyes. “Come follow me…I shall explain in route.” The look on his face, and tone in his voice literally turned from softly firm to commanding and stern—but, again, in a good way. What can I say…you just gotta know those southern gentlemen types to understand? He really meant no harm, but he was the “Master of the Manor!” I resisted no longer. I turned shoulder to shoulder next the manor’s Master, and began to walk with him slowly. First Soldier led me to center of the lofty walkway. His glare towards me pierced my flesh like a butter knife. Suddenly, we stopped to look one another eye to eye: both smiling and cooing at one another. Top laid those strong brawny hands on my shoulders, again, softly—in an effort to gain my focus and to steady me. “Listen beautiful…relax okay” his hands gave me a squeeze of awareness. “You are here with me, and I give you quarter (soldier for due care)!” He gave my body a little shake to break the intensity of the moment. “Don’t ever feel frightened, ashamed, or uncertain when you here…this place just got a breath of fresh air!” My eyes lit up like sparkling diamonds—these were words I desperately needed to hear. “Lady Elle…you belong here…please except that fact!” Allan said not another word, but simply embraced me with his heart that time. I could feel the desperation in his touch. For the next few days I would be home. What a beautiful…yet stark relation!

Of course, by this time all of my senses were heightened, and curious! He dropped both his hands to my lower back, and gave me a slight squeeze (relaxing any concerns)—chills flared up and down my backside—like a runaway freight train…no kidding! “You are the truly the Lady of the Manor , right now, its time to make you as much at home, as possible.” Smiling, I leaned over to kiss him on the cheek—he moved quickly—-my lips and pucker hit him “spot on” the lips. The sneaky gentleman opened my lips with his tongue and slide it in. Pulling me closer to his chest Allan kissed with a force that literally sucked the air straight out of my body! I would be dishonest if I said…I didn’t enjoy every moment of it. My stomach didn’t feel butterflies—it felt gentle bee stings. “Damn…that freaking, guy…he was just something!”

Once we re-engaged one another we journeyed on down his long lofty hallway. He stopped at this odd shaped door. I say not a word, but simply stood there calmly and curiously. “Well…I guess you are wondering about the shopping situation…hah?” That clever and maniacal smirk never left his face. His strong hands pressed against my stomach gently, as he opened the closed door. My eyes grew large as I became, so, stunned! I could not believe what was there before me. That door led to a small, yet elongated elevator which took its occupants to the levels below the manor. All I could do was shake my head from side to side in total amazement and pleasure! The Master of the Manor stood next to me chuckling his heart out. “I take it you are both pleased, and somewhat surprised at what’s behind door number one?” I could barely speak to him: because I was too busy laughing my behind off. “Dammit boy…I can’t imagine what is in store for me the next few days?” Again…another kiss, a few squeezes, and of course…the cupping of my face. Have no idea what was up with that…but I loved it (his continual bombardment of affection).

Allan sat me down on the little padded leather bench to the left side of the elevator. Underneath the bench was a beautiful little fluffy basket. “Hun…use the little basket to fill with all the goodies you are going to bring back up.” He kissed me softly on the lips, and stepped away slowly. I could only muster a few words from lips. “Okay hun…I shall do my best.” Smiling, I pressed the button, my self, before he could close the elevator door. Slowly I descended down towards the cellar. I could see him watching me from the cameras above. I looked up with a very sinister smirk on my face. “VOYUER”…I screamed!” I could hear his sexy ass chuckle via the intercom. Shit…this boy didn’t miss a clue, in this manor! However, those soft bee stings were beginning to feel a bit like “yellow jackets” here and there, of course…in a good and not so creepy way. Allan wasn’t that type. However, I was becoming increasingly impatient with all the elements of surprise from Top Soldier. He was in total charge and control of the ship—of which were powers I too desperately wanted to share and possess. Yet—the writing was on the walls—-temporarily I was in his quarter…and wanted to be! If anyone would have asked me…I would have adamantly denied it!

Finally—I reached the bottom floor to the first cellar, and the doors opened slowly. “OH MY FUCKING GOD!” I opened and shut my eyes two to three times, as I stepped off the elevator slowly. I remember thinking to myself that it felt as if I were back on the strip in Vegas (at those boutiques). There was not only a cellar filled with a million different libations, but three other little boutique styled rooms with smoky windows. Of course—I went straight for the shopping jugular. I hit up the cigar humidor first, and with a vengeance! I picked out two of my favorites, and two cigars I felt Mr. Hewlett Packard retired would love and enjoy (Aston VSG, Diamond Crown, Custa Rey, and Padron). I wanted to pick a few libations next, but my curiosity about the other rooms got the better of me. I immediately open the door to the darkest room of them all. “Hey…it was literally calling out my name!” I simply couldn’t resist. Besides—I needed to mentally prepare myself my stay for the duration of the storm

“Lord have mercy”…no way”…I said aloud to myself! It was a little boutique filled with long silk gowns, robes, and a few new body libations (adult toys). Let’s just say that from there I filled that little basket with all that it could hold from the little in house boutique. I could hear Allan’s little chuckles and coos over the intercom system as I shopped. Next—I hit the cooler with the wines and bourbons: grabbed a bottle of Melbec, Chardonnay, Hendrix, and Johnny Blue. My little basket was so full I had to carry it over to the elevator with both hands cradled on each side. I pressed the button, and began to ascend upstairs. First—I stopped at the dining and kitchen level to unload…just a bit. I dropped off the cigars and drink libations—before slowly ascending back to the upper level of the manor—where the Master was waiting with his lips pursed, and eyes filled with potential mischief and curiosity. “Um…just saying!”

“Sssssoooo…what do you think of my little mini shopping venue”? I reached for his waist again, as he stroked the side of my neck gently—not forgetting to play a bit in my auburn curly tresses. My mouth began to drench itself with moisture: for whatever reason. Though I tried not to observe my ever emerging nervousness—it was to no avail—Mr. Hewlett Packard’s power gaze went all over me—it was time to throw in the white flag (surrender). Someone needed to break the momentum just a bit—so I volunteered for the mission. “Mr. Master of the Manor”…I said as slow, southern, sensual, and coyly as I could. “Please…leave some pieces of clothing on my body…will you!” Aroused, amused, and intrigued Allan slowly bowed and curtsied in front of me. “Girl…you gotta forgive me please…its not that it can’t be helped—its simply that I have no will too !” I could only manage a nod, at that point. The Lady of the Manor was truly losing herself in the moment. I backed up slowly against the armoire: not realizing it was behind me. “Damn”…I said softly. “I guess I am flanked in here with no where to run”—I uttered as tiny short breaths escaped my body in rapid repetition!” Allan arched his brow, and smiled at me—very warmly, I might add. “You damn debutante’s…damn!” I didn’t know if that was a slight or a compliment? That said—all that I could must out of my mouth were the words…”Mr. Allen!” The expression on his face gave me pause. “Listen…and I mean to listen good to what I am about to say to you, hun…know that I mean these words in the most sincerest and complimentary of ways.” I felt as he were scolding me, but with kit gloves on. “We are both locked in for the duration of this primal animal of nature—lets take this opportunity to make the best of it—besides I am both elated and relieved that you are here where I could watch over you…ok…and possess you as well! How is that for romance”…he uttered sternly and passionately. We both smiled and giggle a bit. Suddenly—both our chests released the breath we were holding in due care. We both needed to employ our out of control incredulities: because we were both, prematurely, ready to push certain envelopes. The timing was far off the marker for that. Our cooler heads took charge of the manor’s quarter—-thank God for that!

Frantically—Allan forced himself out of the Lady’s personal space! “I will do nothing…and I mean nothing…that would compromise you or your opinion of me—I won’t!” My eyes looked at him with nothing short of compassion, understanding, and most of all…adulation! “Baby…as if I would ever…and I mean ever…look at you in that manner!” The gentleman finally calmed himself: just a bit to hear my retort. “Listen…we are here together, baby!” I raised my hands to stroke his arms—all in an effort to calm his agitation and dismay. “Listen to me Stanton…I am like no other woman you have been with in your life, married or dating! “Shit I see…Allan said…pulling at his hair in an attempt to further calm his nerves, and “dress right dress himself” (get focused). “It’s been a long time since you called me Stanton—-I like it Baby!” “Hhhhhmmm…I can’t see calling you any other name under these peculiar circumstances…but its also a bit sexy and sensual to me darling. ! Don’t you think…my dearest?” First Soldier just stood there—glaring at me—smiling and blushing…just a tad. He stood at immediate attention, poked out his chest, and winked jofully. Understand—this was done, all, in an effort to calm me, and the moment.. for that matter. I loved it—because I understood the gesture and appreciated the chilvalry afforded me by the soldier and southern gentleman!



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