CONSTANT VISITORS – Love * Lust * Between The Intermittent Lights (Abridged Blurb & Exerpt)…



🌹🔥💖When It Came His Mistress Joany-Elle… Master Kenneth Had But One Thought… That Lady Could Represent!💖🔥🌹


🥀🍾By All Accounts Mistress JOANY Felt That Master KENNETH Lost His Desire To Bring Her Flowers… Until That Faithful Night Of The Lightning STRIKES!🥀🍾


On a wintery cold and stormy night, in north Georgia, it began to rain as if “it were raining all over the world” as many Georgians would say (cat-3 thunderstorm). In the middle of her huge king size bed, a sleeping beauty (Elle) heard not a single sound: she had slipped away from the world into another one of her idyllic slumbers—it had been a very trying day, earlier! Suddenly, the crack of lightning struck with a horrific rumbling sound, abruptly interrupting the beauty’s peaceful bliss and escape.

Unsuspectingly, the dismayed beauty was both startled and bewildered by the raging storm just a few feet outside her patio doors. Before she could gather her self emotionally and mentally a semi-conscious Elle felt a pair of masculine hands wrap themselves around her waist—first, she wondered if it were a dream, of sorts. Next—in the dark of the room, a deep voice raspy and sensual southern drawl bated her not to be frightened, because he (Kenneth) was there now.

“Babygirl…it’s me…sorry to startle you, but I just couldn’t bring myself to interrupt that type of peaceful trance. I needed a few blissful moments of my own to gaze quietly upon you—so I waited a while first. Besides you needed to sleep off some of those negative emotions from our earlier encounter. Please…forgive me”—Kenneth’s eyes were glazed over with sadness as his strong hands gave here another tight squeeze of assurance and confidence.

Kenneth knew in his heart of hearts—she needed it. Perhaps Kenneth’s keen sense of Elle’s disposition and unusual feminine nature is what would later make the two lovers permanent and ‘constant visitors’ to one another’s lives—there was just something about this peculiar union neither lover could deny.

After a few quick gasps, Elle looked over towards him as her eyes began to adjust to the deep dark of the room. The ambient light, from the lightening strikes, shun through the patio doors of her bedroom like a blade cutting through human flesh. Elle said not a word, at first, as she witnessed the flickering light from the bolts of lightening bounced off her lover’s piercing blue eyes—which were scaling the beauty’s curvy and robust silhouette. Finally, after clarity of thought, and the realization that Kenneth was in the room with her again—close to her side—Elle could not resist the urge to ask the question.

As the shiver’s continued to race down here spine the, heady, beauty grabbed the gentleman by his muscular guns—all in an effort to steady herself and secure him into place. This gesture would afford the her the opportunity to dive in with her barrage of questions.

Oh my God boy…how long have you been here watching me?”—with eyes raged over with curiosity. “More importantly—why have you returned here…I thought you had a family emergency, suddenly”—Elle remarked rather coyly?

The chill in that room was nowhere near as bone-chilling as her passive-aggressive retort—which Kenneth begin to think to himself, silently with a smirk. Elle could be a “hot mess” when she was pissed off, and of course, a handful!

Of course, a very discerned Elle made her inquiries: furiously shaking her head from side to side…in utter disbelief. She could not believe, for the life of her, how stealthy and swiftly Kenneth entered her apartment and boudoir.

Earlier, that evening, the two lovers were engaged in a very heated quarrel over Elle’s tardiness and cavalier attitude towards a few pressing issues, between herself and Kenneth. The gentleman expressed, during their tirade, that he had a limited window of time to spend with her that afternoon.

However, before the vigorous debate could reach a reasonable and equitable end his phone rang—it was his wife—they were estranged, of course. Kenneth, unfortunately, had to leave his lover, very abruptly, to tend to a pending family matter, that was of the utmost urgency! Elle, was not only dismayed…she was completely out of sorts over it!

However, she understood the ‘rules of engagement” and gave way to his leaving. The, then, seething beauty was so angry she rolled over without a single good bye to him and began to fall into her deep trace. That was here escape from the issues, but mostly the pain and anger.

Elle…not only wanted…but needed a way out of that painful and hyper emotional place—sleep was would become her ally and cohort. To put it simply…Elle wanted no part of she and Kenneth’s true reality—it was too much for her to bear, realistically! Nonetheless, as she fell into that trace, not in her wildest of dreams could she have imagined Ken’s convictions and resolve to return to her side—not in the least.

The befuddled country gentleman slightly reached up, lifted Elle’s chin, capturing her eyes blazing with that feline curiosity and purpose: which sometimes brought him to his knees. Still shaken and shivering she managed a smile as the coolness of the room simmered that raging temper of hers. As the thunder and lightening outside rolled faster and faster it seem to inadvertently stir the air around the bewildered lovers.

Finally—she calasped willfully into his arms. Shaking her head, yet again, the shivering beauty looked up at him as he softly stroked her arms and torso to calm her nerves, and avoid any further inquiry about his returning to her apartment and bedroom—that was literally set ablaze by their heated argument less than three hours earlier. Elle pressed her face into his broad chest, as her tinted tresses dangled slowly around her neck, shoulders, and backside.

“Kenneth…baby…why are we doing this to one another…why?”—she stated as her, Ruby red, nails clinched his flesh. “When I heard the front door slam, earlier, I thought you were gone from my life for good—we were done—yet you are back here baby!” Elle collapsed further into Ken’s chest as her tears soaked his starched “Brooks Brothers” dress shirt.

Master Kenneth’s heart sank—yet he mustered the will power to pull Elle away from his chest carefully and slowly. He didn’t want to alarm or upset her any further. The southern gentleman in him refused to cause her further collateral damage both emotionally and mentally. Instead, he politely stood up and removed his drenched overcoat—while simultaneously placing it across the chair by the bed: revealing of course, the tear soaked dress shirt. Elle never lost her gaze of him—thinking in the back of her mind—Kenneth had the best of everything—body, mind, and soul (brains and brawn)!



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